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IT Consulting Cairns

IT Consulting Services Cairns

Computerman IT offers an extensive range of IT services to businesses within the Cairns area.

Technology develops at a fast pace and changes frequently. We keep abreast of changing trends and development in technology and are able to implement new systems and upgrade your existing system accordingly. This will ensure that your business system is streamlined and up to date.

The services we offer include:

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1. Office network implementation

Our managed workstation service is one of the best ways to mitigate the inefficiencies caused by downtime. Not only can we monitor, maintain and support your workstations so that they perform at their peak, but we will identify issues with your computers before they can become an issue. We will track your software updates and ensure that you have the best security available.

We take the distraction of tracking the ups and downs of software issues away from you so that your team can focus on running the business. Our free IT audit can give you a thorough overview of what you will need to maintain a healthy digital infrastructure.

2. Hardware advice, recommendations, sales and installation

To keep pace with the IT world, it is sometimes necessary to upgrade computer hardware. The addition of RAM, a new graphics or sound card, or upgrading the processing chip in your existing computer could be all you need to improve its speed and functionality. We are able to offer advice on the best hardware solutions to improve your computer system. In addition, our mobile service means we can supply and install computer hardware components at your premises.

4. Domain and Cloud Services set up and implementation

Cloud services are an excellent option for storing business data. Cloud computing means that data can be stored securely off-site on a server which is maintained by IT specialists, and you simply pay for your share of storage space. Cloud services enable file sharing between staff and streamline collaboration. In addition, using cloud computing provides high-level security for your business email. We are able to set up, implement and customize cloud services for your business to meet your specific reeds.

AWS and Azure are two leading providers of cloud computing and we are able to offer advice and recommendations regarding both platforms. In addition, we can set up cloud computing for your business on either system.

5. Telecommunications

Our telecommunications services include setting up and configuring VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol. We are also able to install and implement Unified Communications integrating all your business communications into your network with options for communicating in real and delayed time. Unified Communications enhances collaboration and communication within your business.

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6. File sharing

File sharing is an important function in many businesses. It allows individual team members to access files from their workstations. A file-sharing application streamlines business activity as it enables team members to access and update vital business information.
IT Consulting Cairns

8. Accounting systems such as MYOB and Xero

Computerman IT is also able to advise on the purchase of accounting software for your business including the two popular systems, MYOB and Xero. We can also install and configure either system and assist with implementation and basic training.

Enterprise grade IT support for small to medium business in Cairns

Together we can craft a tailored strategy to ensure that your technology is serving your company to the best of its ability and identify improvements when and where needed.

Give us a call on 07 4036 1320 or book a free IT audit and free consultation online.