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Computer Backup Solutions

Computer Backup Solutions Cairns.

What would you do if you lost everything on your computer? Would this add delays to your business? Would it mean the loss of precious family photos? Or would it create an extremely stressful time for you?

Chances are, if you’ve ever lost your computer data, you know just how upsetting it can be. This is why it’s vital you have a computer backup at all times, so you don’t have to worry if your computer is stolen or suddenly stops working.

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The reasons for data loss.

There are a number of different reasons why your computer may lose its data. It could be through hardware failure, a human mistake, a computer virus or even a successful hacking attempt. Or you could leave your computer on a train or have it stolen from your office.

No matter what happens to your data, you need to make sure you have a backup plan. And this backup plan should include a backup of your computer files.

Common forms of backup

Cloud Backup

The most advanced and robust backup solution on the market.

A cloud backup solution takes advantage of offsite storage solutions which constantly monitor and backup your data.

In the worst case scenario your data can be restored from a remote location unaffected by interruption. 

Cloud backup can also be leveraged to be restored immediately on a secondary computer if required.

Networked Backup

Commonly used in office environments, this backup solution is still semi-local as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) is used to backup multiple client PC’s and devices. 

Whilst effective, there is some risk to infection by viruses as the data is stored on the same network as the client workstations.

Networked backup is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to backup and restore a whole office.

Local Backup

More commonly found in smaller office or home environments that need some backup solution but wouldn’t be crippled by the data loss. 

This method uses a dedicated external backup drive to backup user data and snapshot images.

In some cases a secondary external drive is used and cycled in case the other fails.

Backup and recovery.

The good news is that we help numerous customers with their computer backups, ensuring they always have a second copy of their files stored safely. If the worst was to happen, we will work quickly to provide you with your backup, so that your stress is minimised and your business doesn’t face any downtime.

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What our recovery plan involves.

Through our backup and recovery service, we will minimise the chances of the issue reoccurring. This might be by installing security software onto your computer and ensuring your computer is clean and secure before restoring the data we backed up for you.

We also follow our own best practice if the worst is to happen, ensuring the impact of the crisis is minimal and doesn’t affect your business. We know that even the smallest of downtime can cost you money, which is why we can ensure all of your data is always backed up and on hand, providing you with the best recovery possible.

Recommendations to reduce risk of data loss.

There are a number of ways you can minimise the risk of losing your data. Here are a few tips that can help you reduce your risks:

  1. Keep your computer free of viruses and malware using a reputable antivirus.
  2. Keep your work area clean and dust free to reduce risk of overheating
  3. Save and backup your files frequently and in multiple places
  4. Keep all security software valid and up-to-date
  5. Don’t open emails from unknown senders.
  6. if in a public place, never leave your computer unattended.
  7. Use surge protectors to reduce risk of data loss from power interruption.
  8. Avoid consuming water or other drinks around your computer or risk spilling.

Backup systems are critical to reduce the risk of data loss.

If you would like help with backing up your computer systems, then get in touch with us today.