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Computer Networks

Connect your computer locally with networking. Sharing is caring.

These days, most offices have some form of computer networking in place in order to share files and resources efficiently. When computers – and therefore, users – can communicate efficiently, there is a significant amount of time saved. Also, key resources such as databases and files can be stored in one place, and do not need to be duplicated on each computer, freeing up space. Computer networking is applicable in a range of difference offices and other organisations. From retail businesses with multiple points of sale, through to medical facilities, through to service based businesses with high storage and processing requirements.

Are you looking for a fast, effective and competitively priced solution to your computer networking requirements?

We can help. We provide computer networking Cairns wide, offering our clients everything from file sharing and Internet sharing through to office networks and more. Whether you’re looking to augment an existing system, want a system installed from scratch or need a specialist networking option, we have the skills and expertise to meet your requirements.

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Your office network matters!

We understand that different organisations have different special requirements in terms of communication, storage and mobility. Our experts are happy to customise a solution to meet your needs, at a budget friendly rate. Depending on your requirements, we may also be able to serve you remotely. Remote support can be more efficient, depending on the issue at hand.

In the contemporary working environment, having fast, effective IT is crucial to high-grade service delivery.

If your network is intermittent or not fit for purpose, you run the risk of reduced productivity and decreased customer satisfaction: when the competition’s tough, that’s the last thing you need! 

For many companies, a good quality office network is at the heart of their success. Why not join the growing number of businesses who are turning to us for the high-grade network setup Cairns enterprises need to optimise the service they provide.

Popular file sharing networks


Peer to peer is used in small offices where there is no server present.

Files are shared between each client computer using specific shared folders and permissions.

If you work in a small office with basic file and printer sharing requirments, this is the common network envornment used.


In this network configuration a server or Network Attached Storage (NAS) is usually present. 

File and printer sharing is usually centralised and access is controlled by user accounts on a domain’s Active Directory or LDAP server.

This configuration is common place in larger offices with more complex local file and printer sharing needs.


Cloud based networks are best suited to environments where data is shared externally or staff commonly leave the office to work but need access to company resources.

With the cloud, files can be backed up and shared anywhere an internet connection is available.

With systems likes Microsoft SharePoint we can design a custom company Intranet for company-wide filesharing; local or external.

File sharing

From making back-up a more straight-forward process through to freeing up valuable space and making administration easier, there are plenty of advantages to file sharing. We can set up your file sharing in almost any type of configuration. If you have particular requirements around data protection or security, we can take those into consideration in the design of what we do, offering a customised answer that’s specifically devised to match your requirements.

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Internet sharing

Internet sharing can be a convenient and cost-effective manner of making sure that all your computers have a suitable Internet connection. We can create networks for two or more computers, enabling your office to run more smoothly.

Complete project management service for office networks Cairns

Our skilled team are able to complete networking jobs of all shapes and sizes in Cairns and beyond. If you’re not quite sure what type of networking is going to be best, just let us know and we will be happy to offer recommendations that meet your needs but are also within your budget. As well as finalising a design that will deliver the results you need, we are able to source the necessary fittings and complete the job. 

Wired & Wireless

Depending on your requirements, we can supply and implement a wired or wireless networking solution designed to connect one office or multiple offices on site or across the nation. We have experience with what works best and only partner with the best hardware providers. 

Hotspot & Guest Access

Hotpots are great for providing internet access to multiple guests without compromising your local network. If you need a wireless hotspot for your business or accommodation we can supply, install and configure the network for you. They’re great if you want to control or charge for Wifi Access or to increase your social media following. 

Do you need a network setup in Cairns?

Our aim is always to deliver a competitively priced service without ever compromising our high standards. If you want to update your network to meet the demands of the 21st Century, it’s time to give us a call and find out how we can help.