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Custom Built Computers

Creating custom built PCs.

Modern computers are marvels of technology.

There has been so much change since the days of punch cards and magnetic tape storage that a standard computer these days would be considered science fiction even just a few decades ago.

But as impressive as a modern PC can be, standard issue is sometimes not enough. When you’re a serious gamer or someone who needs more computing horsepower for design work, an off-the-shelf PC just won’t cut it.

Custom built PCs for gaming.

In gaming, speed is everything. To get a truly immersive gaming experience you need a PC with loads of processing power so the game you’re playing looks as it should and plays smoothly, with no lag and no glitches.

Whilst a standard PC can come with a pretty decent suite of features to support gaming, the technology may not match the lofty standards a serious gamer expects. So to get exactly what you want without making any compromises, a custom built PC can be created that ticks all the boxes.

A custom built PC can be made powerful enough to support the very latest Virtual Reality games, have a more powerful processor and higher storage capacity than a standard unit with a high end graphics card. You can even beef up the mouse, keyboard and the case to ensure the PC suits your style.

If you’re serious about play, then a custom built PC could be the best way for you to get the most out of your gaming experience.

Components in a custom built PC

Fast Memory

High-End CPU

Solid State Storage

Full Featured Motherboard

High-Speed Network Card

Dedicated Video Card

Bespoke PCs for work.

PCs used in the workplace need to be able to deliver the goods day in, day out without pause. Any glitch or delay can cost you time and effort and even damage your reputation if the hardware won’t support a new project you’d like to tackle.

People who rely on PCs for work such as engineers or draftsman using CAD software need plenty of processing power and memory to get the work done.

Whilst a standard PC will support this work to a point, if you want to tackle complex projects at a high frequency then a custom built PC can be created to handle whatever you throw at it.

For example, an off-the-shelf unit can support CAD design, but the processing of the completed project will take much longer, causing delays in delivery. A custom built PC will have enhanced processing power and even more advanced cooling systems, so the project can be rendered and delivered in a fraction of the time.

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Setting your computer up right

Once you’ve decided on the right model computer for your gaming or works needs, it’s time to set it up.

All modern computers will work straight out of the box, but their standard settings may not suit your needs.

That’s why it pays, in the long run, to set the computer up as you like it, with everything from what’s displayed on the screen to which programs are installed will influence your enjoyment and productivity.

Custom built PCs in Cairns

A custom-built computer will unlock abilities in gaming and work you have always wanted. Our team of experts have the knowledge and skills to create the ultimate PC for you – just call us.