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Finding the right PC for your needs.

In the early days of computing, the choice of models was very limited.

But in modern times there are so many different kinds of computers available that it can boggle the mind.

There are models devoted to gaming, design, word processing, jacks-of-all-trades and cutting edge tech. Choosing the right one is very important.

So to help you pick the best computer for your needs, we’ve put together a quick guide on what you should consider when seeking out a new PC.

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Buy standard or custom build?

Whilst there are many, many options to choose from in an off the shelf computer, there’s also more choice when it comes to custom building your PC.

This is perfect for the serious gamer or someone who needs a much more powerful PC for their work.

You can buy a standard PC and then customise it as needed, or you can simply design and build one from the ground up.

Either way, the important thing is to ensure the PC you get at the end of the process does what you need it to do.

Key hardware which determines performance


The short term memory of your computer (aka: RAM) is heavily impacted by the amount of programs you have open simultaneously.

As you open more programs on your computer RAM is consumed and performance is decreased. 

Choose a computer with the correct amount and type of memory to have reliability and performance from the start.



The “Brain” of your computer. (aka: Processor) is impacted by the complexity and the processing requirements of your applications. 

When users complain about slow starting or loading of programs, an under performing processor is usually the cause of frustration.

Choosing the right brand and type of processor in your new PC is important.


The long term memory of your computer (aka: Hard Drive) is where your data is stored.

When you download from the internet, import your photos, check your emails or do any action that stores or opens information; your hard drive is used. 

The hard drive has a special impact on performance as the right choice here can simultaneously speed up loading and increase storage capacity. Choosing the correct type and capacity from the start is very important..

Consider a wide range

With so many options out there for a new PC, it can be difficult to identify the right model at a glance.

But we’d encourage you to have a deep dive into what’s available before you buy and seek out the widest range of options so you can narrow them down.

When you understand what’s available and compare that to your specific needs, you will very quickly be able to identify the right PC.

Setting your computer up right

Once you’ve decided on the right model computer for your gaming or works needs, it’s time to set it up.

All modern computers will work straight out of the box, but their standard settings may not suit your needs.

That’s why it pays, in the long run, to set the computer up as you like it, with everything from what’s displayed on the screen to which programs are installed will influence your enjoyment and productivity.

Buying the best PCs in Cairns is easy with Computerman IT

Our team has deep expertise in what’s available on the PC market and will help you find the ideal machine for your needs.

We can supply it or build it as you like and even come to your door and set it up so it works to your liking.

All you have to do is call and we can start the search.