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NBN Connection Cairns

Local NBN Connection for Cairns.

With the introduction of the National Broadband Network (NBN) Australia has made efforts to keep up with the rest of the developed world’s internet speeds. NBN connection in Cairns has had good adoption rates but speeds and reliability have varied from suburb to suburb, but how do you know if you’re getting the right plan and the best deal for you?

The NBN is a big step forward for Australia, especially for rural areas and cities like Cairns, which are relying more and more on the innovation and connection that the internet brings. Computerman IT is ready to help you take full advantage of an NBN Connection in Cairns.

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Fibre internet is the Future

For many years, Australia’s internet connection was delivered through old copper cables designed for telephones. It was slow and provided patchy service to remote areas.

The NBN is replacing this copper network with fiber optic cables, which can transmit internet signals to a broadband network faster, stronger and more reliably.

The connection on your end will stay the same – a NBN broadband Wi-Fi router. Data usage and speeds will change depending on what connection plan you have.

What NBN Speed is right for you?


Good for general internet browsing and checking emails. Not typically used for family or business scenarios due to the slower speeds but suitable for basic internet tasks and video streaming for one person. Expected speeds are 12MBPS download and 1MBPS upload maximum. Peak hour speeds will vary.


A common plan for smaller business and households, a medium NBN plan will increase internet bandwidth so multiple users can browse the internet and stream video simultaneously. Expected speeds can range from 25MBPS to 50MBPS download, and 5MBPS to 25MBPS upload. Peak hour speeds will vary.


The fastest plans are only available to a premises with a Fibre To The Premises connections. Perfect for larger businesses with multiple cloud services and families with large bandwidth requirements such as using Netflix, browsing, gaming etc. Typical speeds in this plan are 100MBPS download and 40MBPS upload. Peak hour speeds will vary but at these speeds the impact felt by a small decrease is negligible.

How do i know what type of NBN i have?

The main NBN technologies used in Cairns include:

  1. Fixed Line Connections
    1. Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)
    2. Fibre to the Building (FTTB)
    3. Fibre to the Node (FTTN)
  2. Fixed Wireless Connections
    1. NBN Fixed Wireless

To find out which type of NBN you have at your home or business you can refer to the NBN Co website. Generally if you have a FTTP or FTTB connection you can achieve the highest speeds the NBN has available. If you have a FTTN connection speeds will vary depending on how close you are to the node and the Exchange for your suburb.

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How do i get connected to the NBN?

To get connected to the NBN in Cairns you will first need to start with a NBN Plan. Once you have signed with a plan you will be sent a modem or you will need to supply you own. You will then be notified when your connection is ready and you will need to connect your NBN modem to the network and setup your connected devices.

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What if i already have a plan and just want my modem connected?

If you already have a plan and just want your modem configured and connected then contact us today to book a visit. We will come to your site and connect your modem to NBN and connect all your devices to your modem including computers, laptops, mobile devices and printers.

Get connected to the NBN today.

Computerman IT offers same day on-site NBN connections in Cairns. So if you need assistance with your NBN connection, call us today. We have certified technicians ready to visit you at your home or office.