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New Computer Setup & Migration

New Computer Migration & Setup Cairns.

Have you recently bought a new computer and want to ensure it has all your files on it, but you’re unsure how to guarantee this?

Or maybe you don’t have any existing files but are unsure of how to set up your new computer and install the programs you will need?

Purchasing a new computer is always very exciting, although it can be overwhelming if you’re not confident about how to use it. The good news is that we can help you with this process. Bring your new and old computers into our store or we will come onsite and set up your new machine and migrate any existing files across.

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Deleting unwanted programs.

Sometimes when you purchase a new computer, it comes with software that you don’t want or need. This software can take up space on your hard drive. We will speak with you about whether you need certain programs and uninstall them if you don’t.

This will improve the speed of your machine and stop the programs from running in the background when you don’t need them.

What we migrate from your old computer

Program & Program Settings

A new computer can be intimidating if you don’t recognise anything on it.

With our data migration we move across all your programs and their settings. This means youll have a new computer with all your common programs and their data. 

Some common programs we migrate include:

  1. Databases
  2. Emails
  3. Accounting Systems, and more!


With our data migration services we can move all your data to your new computer.

This means you wont have any documents, pictures, videos, music or any other personal data missing on your new computer.

If you only wish specific items to come across to your new computer we can specify which files to leave behind as not to clutter your new computer.

Operating System Settings

Migrating systems can be tricky and re-entering stored passwords and other sensitive data can be massively time consuming.

With our data migration services we move across all operating system information including saved passwords, network settings and browser bookmarks.

Complete system updates.

During the time between your computer’s manufacture and your purchase, there is a possibility that your computer’s system will have needed updates. Having the latest operating systems will enable you to run your computer to its maximum efficiency. Sometimes it can be a little tricky doing these updates, so we’ll be happy to do them for you.

Do you need support today?

Optimising your computer start up and shutdown.

There are a number of different elements which can affect how quickly your computer boots up and shuts down. When we set up the computer for you, we will make sure you are using the most efficient method.

Ensuring there is a system recovery in place.

You need to make sure you have a system recovery system in place for your computer, in case your hardware or software is to fail you further down the line. We will make sure this is set up on your new computer for you.

The latest in anti-virus software.

To ensure your computer doesn’t fall victim to a virus, it’s important your new computer has the latest internet security programs and anti-virus software installed on it. We can help you to do this and ensure your files don’t become corrupted or damaged in the future.

Migrating your existing files, programs and emails. Its the computer you already know, just updated.

If you bring your old and new computers to us, we will be happy to migrate your existing information and files over to your new computer.

Do you have a question about our computer migration and setup services? Get in contact with us today.