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Printer Setup & Sales Cairns

We service all brands and types of printers, scanners and multi-function units.

Are you having difficulty setting up your printer or scanner? Don’t waste time trying to do it yourself. Installing and configuring modern printers and scanners can be tricky and fiddly. Call an expert who will get your printer up and running in next to no time anywhere in the Cairns area, whether in your home or office.

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Printer connection

Connecting your printer is an important step in the setup process. Whether you want to connect a Wi-Fi printer or you want to connect your PC to a variety of printers, we know all the ins and outs of printer connection. With years of experience in setting up printers of all makes and models, our printer connection Cairns specialists can get the job done quickly and correctly. We’ll take all the time-consuming guesswork out of the job for you, ensuring you have the best connections for all of your printing needs. 


We sell, service and setup all types of colour, black and white, desktop and office printers.

Multi-function Printers

We can supply and setup a multi-function printer customised to your requirements. Whether you need it for the office or the home. Wired or wireless.

Office Multi-function Printers

If you need a shared printer for a larger office, we can recommend and configure the setup for multiple user printing, scan to fax and scan to email


If your printer systems aren’t functioning as you would expect. Contact us today and our friendly technicians can troubleshoot any issue you encounter.

Printer setup

The technology we have at our disposal today is truly amazing and printing is no exception. There are so many printer types these days – laser, inkjet, thermal, 3D, etc. To get the most out of your device, leave your printer setup in Cairns to reliable professionals like us who love this sort of technical challenge. We’ll also troubleshoot any setup problems before they create headaches. 

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Printer sharing

Do you need to share your printer with more than one computer? Or maybe you want to share more than one printer with more than one computer. Printer sharing is vital for workplace efficiency and it’s something we love doing. We’ll get all the sharing sorted for you in the simplest and most convenient way.

Network printer

For larger more sophisticated printing jobs, network printers are the way to go. Network computers provide flexibility, versatility and convenience – especially when employees work in remote locations. Security is essential for network printers and we know the best way to securely configure this type of printer.

Scanner setup

Having the ability to scan documents into a computer is undeniably useful, both at home and in business. Quality scanning starts with correct scanner setup. We know the quickest and most effective ways to set up all scanners so that they operate at their very best.

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Contact us today for fast, friendly, professional printer and scanner setup services. We’ll come directly to your home or office to provide the best printer setup Cairns has to offer. Discover for yourself, the printer connection Cairns residents are extremely satisfied with.