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Computer Performance Optimisation

Improving the performance of your computer doesn't need to be costly

Do you have a slow computer? The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to upgrade to a brand new one. There are a variety of ways to get your computer to perform much better and we know them all.

Do you need support today?

Why is my computer so slow?

Your computer may be running at a snail’s pace because something is utilising its resources. Maybe there’s a build-up of files, apps, programs and obsolete software. Whatever the issue, we’ll diagnose it quick smart. We’re experts at that kind of thing.


What factors impact my computers performance?


When you open programs on your computer, they load into memory. If the programs are not optimised or are draining your memory reserves you will experience decreased performance.

Bad Software

No all software does what is says it does. Some potentially unwanted software will drain your computers resources and grind your productivity to a halt.

Incorrect or Multiple Anti-virus

Multiple Anti-virus programs installed on the same computer dramatically impact performance. Sometimes anti-virus software use more computer resources then required.  That’s why its important to choose the best antivirus software for you system.

Outdated Hardware

If your computer just isn’t suited to your requirements anymore, sometimes it make better sense to replace then band aid a solution. If you require new hardware we can advise on what would suit best for you.

What’s the best way to speed up my computer?

The best way to clean up your computer and get it up to date is to call in someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone like us. 

Computer clean-ups and updates can be tricky, multi-step processes which lead many people to tear out their hair. Not us, though. We love a technical challenge and we love optimising computers to get them running quickly again.

Do you need support today?

What optimisation services do we provide? 

Your computer will be in safe, expert hands with us. Some ways in which we restore computers include:

Installation of software updates

It’s always best to have the latest software on your PC. This keeps your computer safe from security threats and gives you improved functionality. We’ll check your operating system updates and make sure that your programs are current. 

Getting rid of old files and programs.

We’ll run a check on your computer to identify any files and programs that haven’t been used in a long time and we’ll delete them for you – with your approval, of course. This will free up valuable space on your hard drive and enable it to operate much more efficiently.

Faster startup and shutdown

We’ll take a look at which programs automatically open as soon as you switch your PC on. They may be the cause of sluggish speeds. We’ll work with you to reconfigure and optimise the startup and shutdown process so that your computer can perform faster. 

Will I need to upgrade my computer?

If your computer is running slowly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to upgrade your hardware. Our optimisation services have brought many PCs back to life and many of our customers have gone on to use their rejuvenated computers for a number of years.

If you’re in the Cairns city area, we can help clean up your computer to get it running at optimal speed. Don’t waste time with a slow computer. Contact us today for a speedier, better performing PC.