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Computer Store Cairns

A Computer Store that comes to your door in Cairns

There’s no time to waste when it comes to computers. A faulty machine can cost your business lots of working hours and hit you with lost revenues. A slow computer system can give your competitors an unwelcome edge. Most businesses rely on computers, and any disruption, whether big or small, to the service is best avoided.

The worst-case scenario would be having computer repairs or upgrades dragged out for days or even weeks on end, or a rushed job causing more problems further down the line. That’s why if you need upgrades, repairs or a service for your computer system, Computerman IT offers same day service for customers in Cairns with high quality workmanship guaranteed.

Computerman IT Same Day Service

Whether it’s the installation of a totally new computer system, computer parts, an upgrade for an existing system or a much needed repair, our expert technicians come directly on site, do the work and get you back online and back working quickly with great value for money.

Computerman IT stocks a wide range of computer systems and parts, just like you’d find at a physical computer store in Cairns. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll load it up into one of our vans and drive it direct you, installing it on the same day with precision.

From computer troubleshooting, virus removal and hardware upgrades to installing a bank of brand new customised computers, there’s no computer services job we can’t handle with our same day guarantee. Try getting all of that from a computer shop in Cairns!

New Desktop Computers

If you’re looking for a bigger screen, more power for your money and a computer that doesn’t need to move from your desk then a desktop computer may be right for you.

New Laptop Computers

If you’re looking for something more portable or you need to do work on the road, we can give you the right advice and supply you the perfect laptop for you needs.

Moving your data to a new computer

Most clients want their data migrated to a new computer after purchase. That’s why we offer a migration service for you to move your data and compatible programs to your new computer. You can keep what you know and continue working without interruption  and minimal retraining. Ask us today!

Do you need support today?

Onsite delivery and setup

We understand that some clients don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up their new computer on their premises. We offer a to your door service the help configure and setup your new computer. This means we will come to you and:

  • Setup your computer at your home or office.
  • Connect your new computer to your internet connection.
  • Setup any peripheral devices such as printers and scanners.
  • Provide general advice and answer any questions you have.

A truly local service

A truly local service for computer customers that places great value on personal relationships. We understand how disruptive a computer problem can be to your business’ productivity and profitability, so it’s vital that any computer work you need is done quickly and well.

New desktop or laptop computers sold and setup on premises in Cairns.

Computerman IT offers same day service for newly purchased computers, upgrades and parts, and when we get them to you we guarantee our work is done right, first time. When the job is finished, we make sure to advise you on how to avoid troubles in the future or even fix little problems yourself. It’s all part of our total commitment to affordable, efficient and friendly service.