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Managed IT Services - IT Helpdesk Cairns

It is hard to overstate the importance of having a well-managed IT infrastructure in your business. Sustaining data integrity and having the support you need to make sure that your technology is maintained and up to date will ensure that your business is not only stable but also has the ability to grow.

That’s why investing in a dedicated IT team to safeguard your digital infrastructure is well worth the effort. However, if the cost of taking on board more employees is prohibitive, then book in a free consultation with the experts here at The Mobile Computerman.

We are the best alternative to on-boarding more team members. Engaging our managed IT services gives you the advantage that many large businesses have: the ability to access technical expertise at a moment’s notice.

Here at Computerman IT, we offer the same level of service for your technology that a full time IT support staff would at less cost. Our full-time, unlimited IT support can include the management of workstations, computer networks, mobile devices, security and cloud services.

We offer a free consultation which includes a free IT audit that will outline the needs of your business and how we can meet them. Here is a breakdown of our offerings.

Managed Workstations

Our managed workstation service is one of the best ways to mitigate the inefficiencies caused by downtime. Not only can we monitor, maintain and support your workstations so that they perform at their peak, but we will identify issues with your computers before they can become an issue. We will track your software updates and ensure that you have the best security available.

We take the distraction of tracking the ups and downs of software issues away from you so that your team can focus on running the business. Our free IT audit can give you a thorough overview of what you will need to maintain a healthy digital infrastructure.

Managed Network

In business, connectivity and speed are essential. Having an unmaintained network can mean the difference between a strong, future proof business and one that is limping along trying to keep up with the market and the expectations of customers.

Our managed network services are there to help you capitalise on the ever-changing technological advancements in data transfer.

We ensure that your network is up and running and if it does go down, we are there to get it back up and working for your fast.

Our free IT audit can help you determine if your current network infrastructure is holding your business back. We can help you take advantage of new opportunities in the market and make sure you are properly equipped to compete in the 21st century.

Managed Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have opened a whole new landscape of possibilities for business as well as a whole new frontier of risks. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops have helped the modern workforce become dynamic, flexible and efficient but they also expose the private information of companies to a host of bad actors.

We can help mitigate those risks while giving you the ability to manage the data stored and sent out from these devices. Let the reporting, tracking, updating and monitoring of these devices be our responsibility.

Managed Security

Maintaining the integrity of your systems is a full-time task. It deserves a dedicated team to ensure that your information and your client’s data is secure.

Cybersecurity means a lot more than firewalls and antivirus software. It requires experience, knowledge and the ability to keep up with trends, new information and threats.

Computerman IT has experts who are able to take a systematic approach to address your organisation’s security needs. We offer network security services along with 24-hour monitoring and protection against theft and institution crippling malware.

Call us for a free consultation to see how we can offer you the best protection around.

Do you need support today?

Managed Cloud Services

Looking to migrate to the cloud? Do you need help managing the information your company already has stored on it? Are you confused by the offerings in the market and are unable to decide which is the right provider for you?

We are the right professionals who can help use the power of cloud computing to your advantage. There is no need to spend the time and money training yourself or your employees in this complex system. We can take the pressure off and eliminate the learning curve. We can offer infrastructure or app level support.

Full Time Unlimited IT Support

Allowing us to manage your IT services gives you the unparalleled advantage of having a full time IT department at your disposal without having to be burdened with the cost and responsibility of taking on more employees. You have trained, qualified experts who can quickly implement new technology, protect your valuable data and give your business an advantage on the market. You can stay focused on your core business without lagging behind trends or your competitors.

We take the reins of your IT needs and help level the playing field between you and the “big” players in your industry.

Having experts looking after your technology is no longer a luxury only big companies can access. Computerman IT can be your trusted partner in managing the vital IT infrastructure that supports your business . We monitor and maintain your entire digital workspace. Engaging us means you can focus on your business.

With Computerman IT you can have a dedicated IT team without the bloated payroll that accompanies it. It is the mission of our company to provide affordable efficient and friendly service to our customers. We are a family run business so we are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of small operations.

Enterprise grade IT support for small to medium business in Cairns

Together we can craft a tailored strategy to ensure that your technology is serving your company to the best of its ability and identify upgrades when and where needed.

Give us a call on 07 4036 1320 or book a free IT audit and free consultation online.