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3 reasons cyber-security matters now more than ever

When it comes to running an online business, cyber-security is as fundamental as a business plan. Today, almost every business is moving online. That is a good thing, however, it is also giving cyber-criminals enough reasons to expand their criminal network. So, protect your company from hackers using reliable security software and best IT practices else it will be a vulnerable target.


The proliferation of new technologies

We are all witnesses of today’s rapid advancement in technology. New technology is being introduced every so often and that’s great since that makes life easier. However, malware from malicious software developers which increases vulnerability to cyber-attacks is also part of the rapid technological development. To better protect your computer systems, use reliable anti-virus software and seek help from our remote IT support Cairns.

Nowadays, hacking tools and software are so widely available that cyber-crime is frighteningly widespread and commercialised. Cases of damaging attacks like ransomware have increased and businesses with little or no advanced IT security protection are the highest hit.


IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is a new catchphrase in tech. It describes the use of as many devices as possible to connect to the internet. The devices collect and exchange all sorts of data with each other. As convenient as it appears, IoT renders businesses very vulnerable to cyber-attacks because once one of the machines connected to the same network is hacked, all others will be vulnerable to the same cyber-attack.

Also, hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in using AI and machine learning. They launch automated attacks and break into vulnerable computer systems with no human intervention.


Cloud computing

The popularity of cloud computing is increasing rapidly. Many companies are considering switching from physical infrastructure to renting or buying access to computing services from a cloud service provider. The problem is, the cloud is storing an extremely high volume of data that a single breach would mean cyber-criminals will access a great deal of data.

A single cyber-attack is enough to cost you a fortune. To get the best security software upgrades to protect your individual or business computer systems against cyber-crime, contact us today for reliable remote IT support in Cairns.