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Cairns Networking Solutions

A strong computer network is crucial for seamless operations within any organisation, facilitating effortless communication and efficient resource management.

Our skilled team excels in creating customised networking infrastructures and deploying versatile phone systems suitable for businesses of any scale.

Business Network Solutions with Ubiquiti

Computerman, your local IT specialist, is here to assist businesses in leveraging the power of Ubiquiti products for seamless networking solutions. From setup to maintenance, our team ensures that your business maximises the benefits of Ubiquiti technology. With our expertise and personalised service, Computerman helps businesses optimise network performance, enhance security, and adapt to evolving needs, empowering you to focus on what matters most: your business success.

Ubiquiti Networks provides networking solutions that offer several benefits for businesses including:

Affordable Prices

Ubiquiti offers good quality networking equipment at prices that won't break the bank.

Grows with You

Whether you're a small business or a big one, Ubiquiti's products can expand as your needs grow.

Easy to Manage

Ubiquiti's UniFi platform makes it simple to control all your network devices from one place, like Wi-Fi routers and security cameras.

Reliable Performance

Ubiquiti's equipment works well and won't let you down, whether you're connecting to the internet or sharing files.

WiFi Mesh Networks

Ubiquiti’s advanced mesh technology transforms your workspace, eliminating dead zones and ensuring seamless connectivity across your office as multiple access points collaborate effortlessly to deliver a unified, high-speed network. 

Ubiquiti’s mesh networks, supported by Computerman’s expertise, provide the reliability and performance your business demands.

3CX Phone Solutions

As certified 3CX partners, we specialise in seamless integration and support for your business telephone needs. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, our team ensures that your 3CX system operates smoothly, maximising its potential to streamline communication and enhance productivity. Whether it’s setting up VoIP lines, configuring call routing, or troubleshooting issues, our experts at Computerman have you covered.
Why 3CX?
  • Saves Money: 3CX doesn’t need expensive hardware, which keeps costs down. You can choose how you want to set it up – whether in your office, on the cloud, or a mix of both.

  • Grows with You: As your business expands, 3CX can easily grow with you. Adding or removing phone lines and features is straightforward and won’t cause any disruptions.

  • Everything in One Place: With 3CX, all your communication tools – like calls, video chats, and messages – are in one easy-to-use system. This makes it simpler for everyone to stay connected and work together.

  • Works Anywhere: Whether your team is in the office or working remotely, 3CX lets everyone stay connected from wherever they are. It’s just like being in the same room, even if you’re miles apart.

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