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3 upgrades to improve your computer’s gaming performance

It can be a frustrating experience when your computer is too slow to run games properly, and it can really deflate the fun of gaming. If this sounds familiar, why not take your gaming performance to the next level with these effective upgrade ideas.

1. RAM (Random Access Memory)

Having more RAM or memory is always a good idea for computer performance and it is no exception for gaming. Upgrading your RAM is possibly the most cost-effective way of seeing a noticeable boost in gaming performance.

More RAM will allow you to run programmes and web pages in the background while you play games. All the programs you use have a memory footprint and eat up the amount of memory you have on your computer. Most computer systems have 4GB of RAM, but with memory-hungry games becoming more common today you really need to upgrade to 8GB or 16GB.

2. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

The most powerful upgrade for gaming performance is a new graphics card (GPU). It will really transform your gaming experience in a meaningful way, as games will run smoother and look a lot better. However, in many cases it’s also the most expensive upgrade option.

Make sure your new graphics card has the latest drivers installed as this can make a big performance difference. Also, take note that some graphics cards will require a new power supply for your computer, so it can handle the power demands.

3. SSD

A SSD (solid state drive) may not actually increase your frame rate for gaming but it will decrease your games load times dramatically. SSDs are much quicker than traditional mechanical hard disk drives (HDD), which means you will spend less time loading your games and more time playing them.

You will also see a big boost in your operating system’s startup time and how long it takes to access your files. SSDs store data on flash chips so they can access files in an instant. They’re also much smaller than a HDD so they take up less space inside your computer case.

If you need help with a slow computer or want to upgrade your memory, get in touch with the Cairns computer repair and upgrade experts today!