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4 easy tips to help your computer run faster

There are few things more frustrating than a slow personal computer or laptop – whether you’re working from home or just uploading holiday pictures on to Facebook. Below are four easy tips to help make your computer run much faster and save you both frustration and time.

1. Clear your desktop

It’s easy to save documents, programs and pictures to your desktop and then forget all about it. But this does slow down your computer. Clean up your desktop and only keep the essentials on there. It’s best to keep everything else in a separate folder. You’ll soon notice how much quicker your computer loads every time you turn it on.

2. Upgrade your computer’s memory

Another reason your computer or laptop may have dramatically slowed down is because it is running out of memory. Check how much memory you have left and consider investing in a memory upgrade. They are usually reasonably priced.

3. Keep nasty computer viruses away

Installing anti-virus software is vital to keep your computer safe. This may take a bit of time and cost a little bit of money but if your computer is invaded by a virus, it can slow it down dramatically and can even cause major damage.

4. Get rid of programs you no longer need

You may have had your computer or laptop for many years and have downloaded and installed numerous programs on to it. Many of them are probably running in the background. Perhaps it is now time for an audit. Check what programs you no longer need and get rid of them. This will create extra memory on your computer and will also help it run faster.


If you need help with a slow computer or have any questions about installing anti-virus software and upgrading memory, get in touch with the Cairns computer repair experts. We can answer all your IT support questions and provide same-day virus removal services; we also sell, deliver and set up computers on site. Call Computerman IT on 07 4036 1320 or email us.