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4 great reasons to upgrade your business computers today

New computers can be a big expense for small companies, but continuing to work with outdated computers or laptops could cost your business in numerous ways. One solution is to upgrade your existing computers instead of replacing them. Let’s take a look at 4 benefits of upgrading your business computers today.

1. Productivity

Upgrading your computers will help them to run faster and better. Every day, companies waste valuable time while their employees wait for their computers and software to start up. For SMEs, time is money, so improving your computers will help to reduce downtime and ultimately increase productivity.

2. Security

Computers and laptops which are running older software are usually at greater risk of security problems and breaches. Eventually, developers stop releasing security updates and fixes for bugs, so if you’re still using out-of-date software, your systems will no longer be protected. There are more hackers today than ever before, and if they manage to infiltrate your business, it could have devasting consequences to your company. Cybersecurity incidents are currently costing Australian businesses a staggering $29 billion a year – don’t let your company become one of the statistics!

3. Competition

As a small business, you’ll understand how important it is to remain competitive. As such, if your employees turn up to a meeting with outdated laptops or technology and they have trouble connecting their PC or getting a presentation to load, it will reflect badly on your business. Even if you can’t afford for all your employees to have the latest software and tech, it’s important for those who have client-facing roles to make a good impression.

4. Enhancements

Features in newer operating systems often provide enhancements that simply aren’t possible or available in older systems. If your business is using older technology and computers, you won’t have the functionality that could give you a competitive advantage.

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