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4 of the most common types of malware your business should be aware of

In business, almost everything revolves around IT. It’s an essential part of almost all businesses today for communication, organisation and for storing confidential information. Due to the all-encompassing nature that has become of technology, digital hacking has never been so prevalent.

In order to really protect your business, it’s important that everyone is constantly undergoing education to learn about the threats that are out there.

What is malware?

Malware, meaning malicious software, is a piece of software that is harmful to a computer or computer user. This kind of software is programmed to perform various functions such as stealing important data, money or monitoring users’ online activity. Below you can see some of the most common types of malware that all computer users need to be familiar with.


These usually infect a system following a computer user clicking on an engineered link, or they can attach themselves to particular software programs or documents. Once an action is taken that activates a virus, this can then spread from host to host causing unlimited damage in ways that can be hard to predict.

Trojan horses

Trojan horse malware hides in unexpected places online. This could be in software, downloads, emails and more. These will hide in your computer, often acting as something useful, and will beckon themselves once called upon. Once this happens, it will discreetly collect valuable data from your computer. This can be recognised from a significant slow down of the functionality of your computer.


These are similar to viruses in that they too can spread through a network connection, instant messages and email attachments. A worm does not need a host program to propagate, which can make it particularly dangerous.


This form of malware encrypts an organisation’s or individual’s computer files and holds it ransom in return for some kind of payment from the victim. Most commonly hackers can achieve this through phishing scams.

Need help with a virus issue in your business?

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