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4 reasons software upgrades are vital

Cutting costs is part of being a thrifty business owner. However, to deliver the best to your customers, it’s vital that you keep up with software updates. It may seem like you can get by with old software editions. But neglecting to upgrade essential and business-specific software pose a significant risk to your business. Here are four benefits to upgrading your software.

#1 Encourage collaboration

Today, it’s increasingly common for employees to work remotely. In this instance, the key to meeting strict deadlines is team collaboration. The updated software offers simple ways to make teamwork much easier. Regardless of where your employees are, the latest software upgradesallow them to work together in real-time. For instance, with Word 2019, your workers can co-author documents. And OneNote and PowerPoint enable you to view and act on edits as they happen.

#2 Save time

With cloud-based software, you can rest assured your team always has the latest programs. This means you’re no longer wasting valuable time manually installing updates or patches. Allowing you to focus on what you do best, updates are applied automatically in the background as soon as they’re available. And, keeping up with constantly changing business needs, cloud-based software adds new services and features. This enables you to accomplish even more as efficiently as possible.

#3 Improved security

While absolutely vital, data security is an increasingly complex area. If your small business relies on superseded software, your confidential information could be hacked. However, with cloud-based software, all sensitive business, financial, and client documents are 100 per cent secure. The latest Microsoft Office software is a brilliant example. An in-built data loss prevention feature dramatically reduces the possibility of business or customer information falling into the wrong hands.

#4 Mobile optimisation

To get work done on time, small businesses rely heavily on mobile devices. So, the software you choose should be mobile-friendly. Current software relies on operating systems, which run seamlessly across phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. This mobile optimisation allows your employees to access the files they need, no matter which device they use.

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