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4 ways to keep your computer healthy between services

For many computer owners, professional computer service checks are few and far between. It may not be until your computer is infected by a virus, breaks down or stops responding that you decide to visit a technician. Like a car or motorbike, computers can benefit from regular, professional tune-ups and checks, but there are also things that you can do in between to keep your computer humming along beautifully.

How can you keep your computer maintained between professional service visits?

1. Safety

Ensure that your computer is protected from spyware and viruses by having a good antivirus program installed. Good antivirus programs are always being updated, so check that your computer is set up to receive and install the latest software updates.

2. File back up

It’s good to know that your important and precious files are safe should your computer suffer from a fatal break down. Purchase an external hard drive, USB or flash drive so that you can save your files in a safe place separate from your desktop or laptop. Some people purchase two devices to save double copies of their files – one to keep at home or in the office and another to keep off site should something happen to your file storage space.

3. Cleaning

You can minimise the likelihood of dust clogging your computer or laptop (which can lead to overheating) by following a few simple steps:

– Keep the area and surfaces around the computer clean by dusting/wiping regularly
– Dust or wipe the keyboard at least once a month – you can buy cans of compressed air to gently blow dust and crumbs off the keyboard safely, or use a soft paintbrush or make-up brush to gently wipe across the keys (ensure the computer is switched of first)
– Refrain from eating and drinking around the computer
– If you have a PC, it is preferable to keep it off the floor and away from the wall to allow good airflow

Regular cleaning is especially important in spaces used by smokers or frequented by pets.

4. Free up some space

Old files that you are no longer using including music and videos can use up lots of disc space, contributing to slow computer performance.

– Uninstall files that you are no longer using on a regular basis
– Consider using your disk cleanup utility (included with Windows systems) or download a free program such as CCleaner. These programs can do an automatic clean of your files
– Engage your computer’s disk maintenance facility (for Windows computers go to ‘performance and maintenance’ then choose ‘free up space on your hard disk’, for Macs go to ‘applications’, select the utilities folder then launch the disk utility)

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