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5 different types of computer viruses to be aware of

Many people often disregard the security of their devices until it’s too late and the damage has already been done. The first step to ensuring that your computer remains virus-free is by knowing the most common computer viruses and how to spot them. So, let’s take a closer look at the top five computer viruses below.

1. File infecting virus

This virus attaches itself to .com or .exe extensions and, in doing so, can damage the formatting of your hard drive. It can also spread to other programs or even networks that utilise the infected programs or files.

2. Taking over the browser

This computer virus changes your preferred browser settings by directing you to other websites that you don’t want to visit. It can even alter your default home page.

3. Macro virus

Found in the likes of Microsoft Excel and Word, Macro viruses tend to spread to other users through the document itself. In other words, when you send the document as an email attachment, the virus is transmitted to the receiver’s device upon downloading it.

4. Boost sector virus

Perhaps not as common today, but a boost sector virus would enter your computer when it’s booted from a floppy disk. Commonly spread through physical media like USBs, the boost sector virus tries to take control of your computer.

5. Web scripting virus

Web scripting viruses are designed to bypass your device’s security walls, stealing confidential data, modifying your browser page and making your device sluggish and slow. Popular social networking sites are the main targets for this virus, which can also spread very quickly.

Leave it to the professionals

To keep your devices safe and prevent virus attacks, don’t click on suspicious links or pop-up advertisements. Also, have IT professionals (like us) install anti-virus programs on your devices. However, if a computer virus has already begun to wreak havoc on your smart device, then contact Computerman IT for help. We offer virus removal services in Cairns, so don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today.