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5 easy ways to keep out of harm’s way on your Mac

As a popular choice for many across the world, Macs are a tough option to beat. Giving consumers a hardy, almost virus-resistant model that won’t land them in trouble. It’s a misconception, however, that Macs are completely bulletproof from threats, and it’s critical that Mac users understand the dangers that lurk in the dark. Fortunately, there’s a few things you can do to ensure you’re not putting your machine on the line—here’s our top 5 ways to keep your Mac safe when using the net.

1. Recognise OS updates

Yes, yes, the pop-ups can get annoying, but they’re there for a reason. Like the Microsoft updates, these little notifications are a constant reminder that you’re not keeping your computer up-to-date. Give your Mac the best chance at security by updating OS software when it becomes readily available—these usually contain critical security upgrades that are paramount to the security of your system.

2. Update your apps

Just like your OS software, keep your applications at the latest version possible. Sometimes apps—especially from third-party platforms— can become outdated quickly. When this happens, hackers and other threats can compromise them, making their users vulnerable to threats. Keeping your apps updated will ensure you have the latest security measures from the developers, implemented on your device.

3. Use a good firewall and antivirus program

It’s all too commonly assumed that firewall software is just for PCs. Wrong. Your Mac still requires protection, so opt for a good program to keep viruses and other dangers at bay. Searching the App Store is a good start, but it’s critical that you look into obtaining a more comprehensive piece of software for long-term use. If you’re not sure which one to use, computer technicians like our Cairns team can assist you.

4. Good passwords are important

It may seem obvious, but many of us still don’t put enough thought into the passwords we set. Make sure you choose lengthy, hard-to-guess passwords that no one (including those you know) would be able to guess. Simple, but effective.

5. Keep your confidential information confidential

When shooting off emails, keep all of your private data out of them. Unless you know how to encrypt an email, your messages are actually not so confidential. Keep passwords, account details and other information away from these messages and double check attachments before you include them.

While these tips are handy, they may come a little too late if you’ve already got a Mac that’s playing up because of a security breach. If this is the case, our services for Mac repairs in Cairns can assist you. Message or call us today for a free quote on 07 4036 1320.