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5 reasons why you need remote support services

Has COVID-19 forced your company to adopt remote working practices? Working from home poses IT challenges for both business and the workforce. From difficulty setting up devices for work, through to concerns regarding security, back-up and data protection; The current crisis brings many problems to light. Responsive, fast and capable of working on a wide variety of networks and set-ups, remote IT support can ease a range of COVID-19 related challenges. Here are five reasons why a large number of businesses are embracing remote IT support to keep their operation running smoothly.

1. Flexible IT service when it’s needed

Sometimes you might require critical assistance; at other times a little maintenance or updating is all that’s needed to keep your system working smoothly. Remote IT support offers an adaptable service that’s geared to meeting your needs. Support can be offered to individual members of staff, working from home to ensure critical services are maintained. Both scheduled and emergency work can be easily accommodated.

2. Geography isn’t a barrier!

A major advantage of remote IT support is just that: it’s remote! Particularly if your team are now working from home, workers will be located over a far larger area. In addition, many will have different set-ups, requiring individual solutions. A remote IT worker can solve problems regardless of physical location.

3. You only pay for what you use

In these uncertain times, it’s hard to set budgets for your l IT capacity. When you use remote IT solutions, you only pay for what you use. The flexible relationship between client and provider promotes optimal value. Remote IT professionals are used to being “summoned” to solve issues, then moving on to other work. This strength ensures you receive high-grade support exactly when and where it’s needed.

4. Spotting problems before you do

With Managed IT Services part of the responsibilities of remote IT support can be to keep an eye on your network to make sure everything is running smoothly. In the event of anything untoward being discovered, remote support can take defensive and restorative action promptly – often before users notice that anything is amiss.

5. A workforce with enhanced skill in remote working

Nobody knows what the working environment is going to look like post-COVID-19, but it’s unlikely to be as it was before the pandemic. Remote support can work with individual employees as well as entire businesses, giving them the capacity needed to work well remotely. This expertise is a long-term resource that is likely to be useful further down the line.

Remote IT services include: updating and maintaining server software; file management; maintenance and diagnostic procedures; solving specific issues on a laptop, server or desktop; providing appropriate training and support for workers who are trying to get to grips with the complexities of accessing their work from home.

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