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5 ways to improve your WiFi signal

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow internet. It always seems to disconnect or reduce speed just when we need it most, like when we’re in the middle of processing a booking. To help you avoid this frustration, we’ve come up with five easy fixes to improve the WiFi in your home.

1. Place your router in a better location

To get the best WiFi signal you can, your router needs to be out in the open and not against any walls or other obstructions. To help with your signal, place the antennas in a vertical position and put the router up high if you can. To ensure you have a strong WiFi connection throughout your whole home, put your router in the middle of your house.

2. Connect to the right channel

Did you know your wireless has multiple channels? Your neighbours’ channels might be disrupting your own wireless signal, so use a tool like WiFi Analyzer or WiFi Stumbler to tune your WiFi in to a different channel.

3. Remove appliances close to your WiFi

Appliances such as microwaves and radios can interfere with your WiFi connection. To avoid this, move your router away from other appliances to get a better signal. You can also purchase a dual band router to put a stop to the interference.

4. Stop applications from stealing your bandwidth

Sometimes it’s best to look to your computer for a WiFi improvement solution. Applications like video games and video chat hog the bandwidth of your WiFi, slowing down the internet connection for everyone else. You can download software to tell your WiFi which applications you want to prioritise for bandwidth so the most important programs on your computer have the best internet connections.

5. Reboot your router regularly

If you find your internet connection dropping regularly, organise it to reboot once a day. You can install an old outlet timer and set it for the middle of the night when no one is online. By regularly rebooting your WiFi connection, you’ll often find it ends up working more efficiently in the long term.

We hope these tweaks leave your WiFi running faster and more smoothly. If you’re still having trouble, contact our computer support service in Cairns.