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5 ways to prevent your computer from crashing

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Imagine you’re working on an assignment for school or a review at work, and your computer suddenly crashes. It has happened to the best of us! To help you prevent this from happening, we’ve put together a small guide to help you take active steps to prevent your computer from crashing.

1. Scan your networks monthly

If you carry out network scans monthly, you’ll be able to catch any holes or weak spots in your network, which also reduces the chances of being hacked.

2. Upgrade your anti-virus program

While the majority of businesses have anti-virus software, it’s often expired or out of date! We recommend you ask a computer services company to carry out the necessary checks to ensure all your anti-virus programs are running smoothly.

3. Upgrade your computer

Both your hardware and software need to be updated to keep your computer in optimal working condition. This could be updated annually or every two to three years, depending on the type of update your computer needs. If you don’t update your computer, the long-term damage caused by crashes could be very expensive and harmful for your business.

4. Get a firewall

Installing a firewall will help you control who enters and leaves your network, which will protect all confidential data belonging to your clients and business.

Your firewall could also have an antivirus program to prevent virus or malware attacks.

5. Get in touch with the IT experts

It’s important to consult a professional computer services company if you’re not sure about how to implement these strategies. Not only will they save you a lot of time and stress, but they will also ensure that your computer is fully secure.

Here at Computerman IT, our expert and friendly team is well-equipped to help you take the necessary precautionary steps to prevent your computer from crashing. Based in Cairns, we have extensive training in dealing with a wide range of IT issues. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today if you’re looking for IT support Cairns-based.