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PC & Mac Troubleshooting

Computer troubleshooting Cairns.

Feeling frustrated because your computer isn’t doing what you want it to do? Don’t stress – we’ve all been there. Perhaps your computer keeps crashing or maybe it freezes when you open a certain program? The good news is that we can help you troubleshoot these issues so it doesn’t happen again.

Come and visit us in store or we will come to you and take the time to figure out whether it is a software or hardware issue, and provide you with recommendations on how to fix the problem.

In most cases, we should be able to fix the problem for you, or at least recommend a way for you to fix the problem.

So, what kind of troubleshooting do we do? Don’t worry if what seems to be happening to your computer isn’t listed below. This is just a general account of the types of troubleshooting we carry out – but we complete a wide range of tasks and chances are we can help you with yours!

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Troubleshooting hardware.

Hardware that is faulty can cause a wide range of performance issues for your computer. If your computer is slow to boot up, or just slow in general, or if you can’t watch videos or do basic tasks, then it might be time for you to bring your computer in. We can check whether it’s your hardware at fault and recommend a solution to fixing it.

Common computer faults

Boot Issues

Your computer has started no problem for ages. Except this time you go to boot your computer and instead of booting into Windows your computer displays a black screen or worse yet you get nothing. No lights, no sounds.. Nothing!. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t usually a critical issue and can often be resolved by an inexpensive part replacement or a bit of general maintenance. 

Email Sending or Receiving Issues

Whether using a PC or Mac email issues will occur. Some of the most common are connection issues with sending or receiving emails. 

This issues are usually settings related but sometimes can stem from server issues with your email host. 

With extensive experience in email troubleshooting we can get your issues resolved quickly. 

Hard Drive Full

With all the advances in technology and the massive hard drives used in computers today you would think storage capacity issues would be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately filling a hard drive is all too easy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need an upgrade to resolve your storage issues. Some capacity problems can be solved just by some general maintenance.

Network & Internet Issues

Internet connection and network problems are one of the most frustrating issues our clients experience. Without your network you cant connect to the internet, send emails or share your files. 

Luckily we have plenty of experience diagnosing network and internet issues. From small home networks to large office networks, we can diagnose and resolve your network issue.

Printing & Scanning Issues

If you’re having printer or scanner issues it is usually a result of a setting problem of software issue. 

In most circumstances Windows or Mac will automatically install printer drivers for you. 

If the drivers or software is not installed correctly, you can call us to come assist you.

Password Resets

Password headaches are the worst. 

We know you shouldn’t do it, but most of us keep our passwords in a secret little black book stashed away somewhere safe.

If you have forgotten your password to login to your PC or Mac, or your online portals such as email; We can help you reset or recover them.

Upgrading or replacing existing hardware.

If we find that your hardware is the issue, we can suggest the best ways to upgrade the system or to replace it. The good news is that we always try and find the best low-cost solution for you, so you can rest assured that your repair will be of good value.

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pc and mac troubleshooting

Troubleshooting software.

Sometimes it’s not your hardware at fault but your software. If you are opening programs on your computer, which are causing your computer to crash or freeze, then it might be the software that’s at fault. We can carry out a re-installation of the software, clean the software or upgrade it so that the issue doesn’t happen again.

Give us a computer problem and we will return you a computer solution.

We will also be happy to give you advice and show you what we do so that if it happens with some other software in the future, you will know how to fix the issue.

If you have an issue with your computer, get in contact with us and see how we can help.