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Creating strong internet passwords

As one of Cairns’ leading experts in cloud migration services, internet security, and virus removal, at Computerman IT, we always advise our clients to choose strong passwords for all accounts, networks, and devices.

Here are our five favourite tips for a strong password:

1. Avoid predictable passwords

Many attempts at password cracking begin with the most commonly used passwords, and easy to guess details. Passwords to avoid include:

  • Common phrases such as “password”, “letmein”, and “abc123”
  • Clever passwords such as “keepout” and “goaway”
  • Personal details including your name, birth date, or favourite movie
  • Consecutive letters, numbers, or other frequently used combinations eg: “abc” “789” or “qwerty”
  • Business details including the business name or its initials and the street name
  • Common words including animals, colours, car brands, and sports teams
  • 2. Use long passwords

    Passwords should be 8 characters or longer. Many hackers use a computer program that gradually deciphers each letter. The more characters you use, the more difficult it becomes for the algorithm to decode. Additionally, if someone is attempting to see your password as you type, a longer password with more keystrokes will be harder to memorise.

    3. Use a mix of characters

    A strong password contains a mix of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The replacement of letters with numbers, for example, “Pas5w0rd”, is not recommended as it is too easy to guess.

    4. Don’t reuse passwords

    Set up a different password for each account you have, including device login, WiFi networks, and online accounts. One password offering access to multiple accounts is not a secure solution.

    5. Don’t save your passwords on your computer

    If your computer is compromised, and a file has your passwords included, it won’t take long for your accounts to be breached as well. If you require assistance with multiple passwords, speak to us about a secure password management solution.

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