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Data security technologies every business owner should know

Data security involves a set of standards and technologies designed for the protection of data in case it is being destroyed, disclosed or modified accidentally or intentionally but without authorisation.

Nowadays, all businesses use data to some degree. This is especially true for banking giants that handle massive volumes of personal and corporate data. From small to large companies, they store sensitive financial data and contact details of customers on computers and mobile phones. The main aim of data security is to safeguard the data a company creates, collects, receives, stores or transmits. 

Different data security technologies

There are several types and forms of data security technologies you can get to protect data from various threats. A lot of such threats come from external sources, though safeguarding data from internal threats should never be taken lightly. Methods of securing data include:

Data encryption

Using data encryption to protect data involves applying a code to every individual piece of data. This means that without being given an authorised key, no one can be granted access to the data since it is encrypted.

Data masking

Another data security technology is the data masking of specific areas of data. Masking safeguards data from disclosure to any external malicious sources, as well as unauthorised internal personnel. A good example is the masking of the first 12 digits that appear in a credit card number within a database.

Data erasure

When data becomes obsolete, it is necessary to erase it from the systems. For instance, if customers request the removal of their names from a mailing list, use technology that will delete the details permanently.

Data resilience

When an organisation creates backup copies of data, this enables the system to recover data when it’s erased, corrupted or stolen via a data breach.

Whatever device, technology or process a business uses to store, manage, or collect data, protecting this data effectively is all about compliance to data security standards.

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