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Four easy tricks to improve productivity with Microsoft Word

It’s almost certain that your business is using Microsoft 365 for word processing, presentations and spreadsheets, and your team is no doubt very comfortable using these tools. Here are some very useful tips that can help boost your productivity and improve your internal and external communications.

Become a Word master with these tips

Here are some of our favourites.

1. Quick copy and paste

These three shortcuts will save you lots of time when creating documents:

To copy text: Select the text and then hold down Ctrl + C to copy.

To paste that text somewhere else in the document: Insert your cursor where you want the text to go and hold down Ctrl + V.

To cut text: Select the text you want to cut and hold down Ctrl + X.

2. Delete entire words in one go

Most people don’t know about this one. It’s very easy and will save you from having to hold down backspace to delete words.

To delete an entire word, place the cursor at the end of the word you want to delete, and then hold down Ctrl+Backspace. Try it — you will love the time it saves.

3. Remove unwanted formatting

Unwanted formatting can be introduced to your document when you copy and paste from external sources like web pages, or from another document. If you don’t ‘paste as plain text’, you can bring all the formatting from the external document into your own document. It makes a mess that can be time-consuming to clean up.

A quick way of removing all this formatting is simply to select the offending text and then hold down Ctrl + Space. All external formatting will be removed, and you will be left with clean copy.

4. Select big chunks of text with multiple clicks

Use double click and triple-click to your advantage. Instead of dragging and highlighting the text you want to select, just place your cursor over the word you want to select, then double click. To select the whole sentence, place your cursor anywhere in the sentence and triple-click. Easy!

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