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How can the cloud work for you?

Simply put, the cloud allows you the added advantage of extra storage by saving documents, images, videos and more to internet servers rather than your computer’s hard drive. Provided you have a stable internet connection, you will be able to access a wealth of saved files with ease no matter where you are.

At Computer Man IT, we recognise the many advantages that the cloud can have for you, but if you’re still not convinced, carry on reading for three reasons why we think the cloud is essential for your computer.


Contrary to popular belief, the cloud is one of the safest ways to ensure your files have round the clock security. Probably hard to believe because it doesn’t involve a visible hard drive being stored away under lock and key, but it’s true. The cloud offers hosts that act as the keyholders. They keep your files away from prying eyes, providing you with a true sense of security and peace of mind that your files will be well protected.


The cloud offers you more flexibility when it comes to accessing your files. Rather than being confined to the same point of access, by using the cloud, your files are readily available on a whole host of devices – such as smartphones – with ease. This method is also cost-effective and time-saving, acting as an efficient means to be able to share desired files with those around you, whether it be a friend or a colleague in no time at all.

Data recovery

We’ve all been in the same situation before; you’re staring down the barrel of a deadline when suddenly, you lose or accidentally delete the document entirely. The cloud is on hand to help, however! There are options to sync works in progress to the cloud so that if this does happen to you, you can recover any missing documents with ease.

At Computer Man IT, we are well versed in the cloud and can offer you professional cloud setups. For more information, contact our friendly team today.