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How computer viruses affect the keyboard

As hardware, a keyboard can be affected by rare viruses when they infect a computer. Typically, creators of viruses design malicious viruses to generate monetary profit for them. So, they mostly focus on viruses like Trojans that steal data instead of those that affect keyboards. Here are ways a virus can affect a keyboard and ways to protect your computer.

Malfunctioning keyboard

Apart from corrupting and deleting files, viruses can sometimes interfere with the way computer hardware functions. A keyboard cannot actually get infected by a virus, but a virus can corrupt the driver software, causing the keyboard to either fail to type or type different letters when pressed. Such viruses can also reprogramme a keyboard by changing its language uncontrollably.

Loss of control of the keyboard

When a virus opens a “back door” into your computer, the hacker can now attempt to take remote control of your computer. Remote hacking can result in a loss of control of your keyboard. Also, the mouse may start moving on its own. In some cases, foiling a remote hacker’s invasion of your computer only needs a restart of your computer.

How to detect viruses

It’s easy to detect a computer virus. You just have to be consistent with updating and scanning the computer weekly. Also always pay attention to the performance of your computer. If the keyboard suddenly starts to run slowly or malfunction, a virus may be trying to steal personal data from the device. It is mostly sensitive information such as logins, bank and credit card numbers.

Protect your computer

Begin by installing and running an antivirus programme you can trust. That which features antispyware capabilities is more effective. Also, you can go to the control panel of the computer and disable the remote control function. Finally, remember to enable a robust firewall that requires the user’s permission before your hard drive can undergo any changes. With this function enabled, your computer and keyboard are effectively protected against unauthorized programmes.

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