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How to keep your tech tidy

There’s never been a better time to talk about cleaning our tech. Sticky marks, crumbs and fingerprints are often hard to avoid when we’re using our equipment on a daily basis and can lead to the quick spread of unwanted germs. Here are a few useful tips on how to tidy your tools – the right way.

But first!

Before attempting to clean anything, it’s important that all equipment should be unplugged and powered down. Let’s take a look at what to do next…

Who you gonna call? Air dusters!

Whoever invented the air duster is a genius. They’re simple, yet so powerful. These little bad boys can get rid of dust in seconds, cleaning everything from your computer, laptop, desktop and keyboard along with all your accessories. You can find them at your local Officeworks, for as little as $17.

Shiny happy screens

Use a microfibre cloth – these are the safe option. Avoid paper towels, old rags or clothing as these can damage or scratch your screen and can burn a hole in your pocket getting repairs! Never directly apply cleaning solution or liquid to the screen, as this can drip into the speakers or keyboard. If you have an LCD screen, never use alcohol-based cleaning products as it will wreck the screen instantly. Apply a small amount of clean water to the cloth, then start in the centre of the screen with a circular motion. Gently work your way out to the corners until the dirt and dust have gone.

Shake it like a polaroid picture (gently)

Once you’ve applied the legendary air duster to your keyboard, touchpad and mouse, you can turn them upside down and shake them gently to release any further debris. Once you’ve done that, they should look brand new.

Tech your time

Now that you’ve finished cleaning, don’t rush putting everything back together – or you could get hurt. Make sure it’s all dry before attempting to plug wires or batteries in.

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