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Netflix Setup in Cairns

Netflix Setup Cairns

As most of us have already heard (thanks to being bombarded by advertising), Netflix is finally here. Big business is touting it as the end to piracy, consumers are excited that we finally receive a premium entertainment streaming service at a fair price. No doubt if you’ve got Netflix setup in Cairns, there is a good chance you’ve already spent a whole weekend on the couch watching your favourite TV shows and movies.
If you haven’t got Netflix yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!. Maybe you need a bit more information, so here it is…
As mentioned earlier, Netflix is a premium entertainment streaming service delivered through the use of your internet connection, Netflix customers are able to stream and instantly watch a selection of movies and TV shows in standard definition, high definition and 4K ultra high-definition (if your tv supports it)
With a broadband connection and a subscription to Netflix, subscribers are able to watch whatever they like, whenever they like, on any Netflix compatible device of their choice. Users are able to switch between devices on the fly, pausing and then continuing to watch on another device at home or on the move. When launched, Netflix announced that the service would be available on “smart TVs, tablets and smartphones, computers and a range of internet-capable game consoles and set-top boxes”.

How to get Netflix in Cairns

If your viewing Netflix on a computer its very simple. You sign up to the service by visiting the Netflix website and fill out the online form to sign up. For new customers you get one month free to test out all the features (and get hooked to the service). After the first month you will be charged a monthly subscription fee depending on the level of service you have selected.

Great! I have Netflix on my computer, but what about my TV?

Well, this is where it can get a little tricky. If you have a modern smart TV you’re in luck. Most smart TV’s allow you to download the Netflix application from their app store. Once downloaded and installed you just need to sign in on the device and start using Netflix, its that easy. If you have an older TV, this is where things can get a little tricky. If your TV is not smart or internet enabled you will need to buy a 3rd party media streaming device to connect your TV to the internet and stream the content though the device. We recommend using an Apple TV or a Chromecast to do this, both are equally as good and around the same price.

Cool, i’m watching Netflix in Cairns

Thats it, its pretty simple once you know what you’re doing. If you’re already watching Netflix, then you probably haven’t bothered to read this conclusion. If you’re still having trouble connecting then we would be happy to help. Contact us today and book an appointment and one of our technicians will have you setup on Netflix in Cairns today!