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PC or Mac? The 7 categories to consider

When you need a new computer for work or play, there’s a lot to consider. What’s your budget? Should you get a laptop or a desktop? Will the processor and graphics card handle the required operations and software? How should you protect it against viruses and other security threats?

However, there’s an even bigger question to ask before we get to those considerations: Mac or PC? For new computer users, it can seem like choosing between an apple or an orange for a snack, while regular PC and Mac users can find it very hard to find a good reason to make the switch to the other side.

So we thought we’d summarise the main differences for you:

1. Security

Let’s start by staying safe and sound – and consider security. You may have heard that Macs are traditionally better at guarding against security breaches, and that’s partly true – but also true is that with so many people using PC or Windows-based systems, the sheer level of vulnerabilities can be misleading.

The verdict: Mac.

2. Price

Let’s just be honest: a Mac costs more. That said, the quality is supreme – and that’s not always the case with some PCs, simply because there is so much variability on the market. Generally, though, a powerful PC will cost less than a powerful Mac, especially when you build your own quality system.

The verdict: PC.

3. The OS

Some people love the Mac operating system, while others hate it. In the end, just like that apple vs orange at snack time, it really does come down to personal preference. Both are fast, powerful and easy-to-use platforms.

The verdict: Draw.

4. Software

While it was once true that the PC was clearly better in the software availability category, Mac has gotten a lot better over the years. But it remains true that because there are so many PC users, there’s simply more PC software.

The verdict: PC.

5. Quality

As suggested earlier, there’s no doubt about it: a Mac may typically cost more, but the quality is superb and the look is super-sleek. However, some people have complained about the latest MacBook keyboards. And while you can buy a sub-standard PC, there are so many PC brands and builders out there that if you want superb quality, you can definitely find it.

The verdict: Mac.

6. Upgrades

Every single Mac is pre-built and fully manufactured by Apple, but you can still choose from a number of customisation options. However, because there are so many different manufacturers out there, and so many users, the customisation options are significantly higher if you go the PC route.

The verdict: PC.

7. Support & repairs

Let’s be brief here: If you need to contact Apple for tech support, you’ll probably be fairly satisfied. And if you need to get in touch with Dell or Lenovo, it will probably be a little worse. But if you have your PC built, that really is hit and miss.

As for repairs, while the Mac is a fully integrated system, repairs can be more expensive and more complex. But that’s where Computerman IT comes in! We do the most affordable and reliable PC and Mac repairs Cairns wide, and that’s not something every local computer service can boast about.

Verdict: Call Computerman IT today!