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PC vs Mac laptops: Which should you choose for your small business?

Investing in computers for your employees – be it an entire company or a department – should be a process which is treated with care. One of the choices which you are likely to be faced with as part of this process is whether to buy PC or Mac laptops. Suffice to say, there is no simple answer, and in some cases, whether a PC or Mac is most suitable comes down to the purpose of the company or department.

But that hasn’t stopped us from tackling this common conundrum, and so in this blog, we look at the pros and cons of each:

A PC preference?

Let’s look at the pros of PCs first. Pricepoint might be the most obvious advantage, as PC laptops come with a wide range of prices to suit a variety of budgets, many of which will be cheaper than Macs. You also have a host of customisation options – from GPUs to additional ports – with many accessories that you can add according to specific employee needs. With so many manufacturers selling PC laptops, you have a large range of design options – from large screen to mini and everything in between. Perhaps most importantly, in many areas of business, PCs are seen as the ‘industry standard’, which can be logistically simpler in the long run

Disadvantages which might sway you include the variance of quality which you can encounter with PCs compared to Macs, as this depends on the brand you choose. Security software is needed with PCs, and this is an additional expense you need to factor in, and then there is the question of style – don’t Macs just look better than most PCs?

Meant for Macs?

In the design world, Macs are seen as the industry standard, and so if you are a creative company, this could influence your decision. Macs are also relatively low maintenance, and are in general, less of a target for hackers than PCs are. Mac laptops are robust and made from quality materials.

There are some cons, however, and the most obvious of these is the expense of Macs; you can expect to pay a minimum of $1,400 per laptop. As Apple is one manufacturer, there is also a slimmer choice of Mac models which you can opt for, and there are no Mac models with touchscreens. Then there is the question of adjustment – if your team has been accustomed to PCs, you should account for a settling in period while they get used to the unfamiliar configuration of an Apple computer.

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