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Signs that your computer has a virus and what you can do

With increased cybersecurity issues across the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting your computer from external data breaches and viruses is extremely important. We want to inform you about some of the signs that your computer is currently operating with a virus and guide you on the steps you can take.

1. Issues with your computer

If you are experiencing suspicious and unusual issues with your computer, this may be a sign that you have a computer virus. For example, if your battery has begun to drain very quickly all of a sudden, if the speed of your computer itself has significantly decreased or if your computer continually crashes, this is a sign you may have a computer virus.

2. Spam emails and continuous pop-ups

If you have been receiving excessive spam and junk mail that you aren’t used to, or you are getting frequent pop-up adverts or alerts across your computer screen, your computer most likely has a virus. Avoid clicking on any links from these pop-ups or spam emails as this may lead to your computer becoming more infected.

3. Disabled security software or locked out of your computer

If you believe that your security software for your computer has been uninstalled or disabled, or if you are getting locked out of your computer and thus cannot access it at all, you have a computer virus and your personal and private information and documents are at risk.

What can you do?

With your details and information being under threat from the risk of a computer virus, it is vital that you try and resolve the issue promptly. We would highly recommend contacting an IT professional to resolve the issue for you as they are the most qualified for this job and will be able to install high-quality security to prevent any future virus infections for your computer.

Here at Computer Man IT in Cairns, we can resolve the issue of a computer virus for you quickly and efficiently. If you contact us today, we will give your computer some much needed first aid and install advanced security features for future protection.