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Simple tips for building your business website

We’ve already covered the reasons why business websites are no longer optional in a previous post [link to] and while you might be excited about having a Cairns business website, keep in mind how much time you’re going to have to dedicate to maintaining it. You may find it pays to outsource your IT services in Cairns.

Start with the basics

Don’t over-commit yourself straight up. When you begin to build your website, think about the basic information that your customers will need to know about you. These may include:

– a short description of your business
– the services you offer
– your location and how people can contact you
– some information about the people that work for you, particularly the ones your customers may deal with.

This means that your first website should have the following pages at a minimum:

– home
– our services
– contact us
– our people.

How much should I write?

People don’t read a web page in the same way that they would read a book. Studies have shown that most people scan a web page looking for information. If they don’t find it quickly, they’ll leave your website and go to a competitor’s page.

Therefore, the best way to write your content for a web page is:

– put the most important information first, preferably in the first paragraph
– break up your text with bullets, numbers and headings where appropriate
– keep the language simple and easy to read: use short sentences and short paragraphs.

Make your website accessible

Accessibility means that people with disabilities can use your website. This doesn’t just cover people with vision problems either. There are many people with concentration problems, such as ADD, who have trouble reading a website if there is too much content. Some things you need to do to keep your website accessible are:

– choose well contrasting colours for your design
– always use ‘alt’ text for your images so that screen readers can tell visually impaired people what the images depict
– don’t use ‘click here’ for links. Always describe what people will get when they click the link – so for example, your link text might say ‘download the user guide here’.

Follow these tips and you will have a great website that everyone can use.