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Quote Expiration and Confirmation:
Quotes expire 7 days after being issued, which helps us manage active
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agreed price is established once a quote has been accepted by both parties, especially after any last adjustments
requested by you are made.

Pricing and Adjustments
The price in your personalized quote may differ from the initial estimate if your requirements
change. We maintain the right to modify products and prices in the quote until confirmation is received. Should the
specifications change after the quote is confirmed, additional costs will be incurred at our standard rates.

Conversion to Order and Terms of Sale
Upon acceptance, the quote is transformed into an order and becomes subject
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For urgent inquiries, notify us promptly so we can expedite the process.

Promotional Pricing
When a special price or promotional discount is applied to a quote, it supersedes other offers. We
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Non-Stocked Products and Price Changes
Pricing for non-stocked products is subject to market variations and can be
confirmed only when the quote becomes an order. While we strive to maintain quoted prices, unforeseen increases
beyond our control may necessitate corresponding price adjustments.

Quote Cancellation and Product Availability
If a quote has expired, it may be cancelled or altered without prior notice.
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for products is based on vendor information and is not guaranteed. Additionally, freight
charges will be included unless otherwise stated, and any listed delivery charges are estimations.

Order Cancellation and Returns
For order cancellations or returns, restocking fees may apply. Approval from our
distributor is required to confirm the returnability of an item before a refund is processed. Note that not all products are
eligible for return.

Warranty and Service Coverage
Unless specified, all quoted items are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which
includes parts and labor for hardware on a return-to-depot basis.

Quote Modification or Withdrawal
We reserve the right to alter or withdraw a quote at our discretion without notice.
This could occur for various reasons, including but not limited to, the unavailability of goods or an increase in the cost
price of goods or services post-quote.

Project Timeline
The timeline for implementing Microsoft 365 varies depending on the scale and complexity of your specific project.
Typically, a complete setup can take up to a month to finalise. This includes every phase from the initial assessment and
planning to the full deployment and post-implementation review. For larger projects, the timeline may extend beyond
this estimate as more intricate configurations and broader data migrations are necessary.
Each project is broken down into distinct stages:

1. Initial Consultation
2. Planning and Design
3. Migration and Setup
4. Testing and Adjustments
5. Training and Go-Live.

These stages are designed to ensure a seamless transition and optimal setup tailored to your business needs. Rest
assured, our team is committed to maintaining open communication and providing updates at each milestone, keeping
you informed and engaged throughout the process.
Scope of Services

Our Microsoft 365 project is meticulously structured to include all essential services required for a successful deployment
and integration into your business processes. The scope of our work encompasses the following key activities:

1. Setup and Deployment: We handle the full setup of your Microsoft 365 environment, ensuring all components are
properly installed and operational.
2. Configuration: Our team meticulously configures your system to align with your business needs, optimizing the
functionality and user experience of Microsoft 365.
3. Migration: We manage the transfer of existing data and systems into the Microsoft 365 platform, executed with
precision to prevent data loss and minimize downtime.
4. Folder Structuring and Permissions: We organize your files and set permissions to enhance data security and
accessibility, tailoring the structure to support your company’s operational workflows.
5. Training: Upon completion of the setup, we provide a quick tutorial on the various aspects of Microsoft 365 to
ensure your team can navigate and utilize the system effectively from day one.

It’s important to note that any modifications required after the project’s completion will fall outside the initial scope of
work. However, to support your transition, we include a complimentary 30-minute online consultation available for any
follow-up questions you may have, valid for one month post-deployment.

Project Goals and Objectives
The primary objective of our Microsoft 365 implementation project is to enhance your organization’s operational
efficiency, security, and collaborative capabilities. By transitioning to Microsoft 365, your team will gain access to a suite
of advanced productivity tools that are seamlessly integrated into a single platform. This integration facilitates better
communication and collaboration across various departments, enabling employees to work more effectively from any

Overall, the project is aimed at transforming your technological framework to not only improve day-to-day operations
but also to position your business for future growth and scalability. By adopting Microsoft 365, you are ensuring that
your workforce is equipped with cutting-edge tools that promote efficiency, enhance security, and foster a collaborative
workplace environment.

Downtime and Disruptions
During the migration to Microsoft 365, some disruptions are inevitable, particularly concerning email services. You may
experience temporary interruptions during the cutover from your current email provider to Microsoft 365, which is a
necessary step to ensure all data is correctly transferred and securely integrated into the new platform. Additionally, as
emails resync to devices for the initial synchronization with Microsoft 365, further brief disruptions may occur.
To minimize these disruptions and their impact on your business operations, we have developed a strategic
implementation plan that schedules major migrations during off-peak hours or over weekends, thereby reducing the
interference with your daily workflows. Our team will provide all necessary support to swiftly resolve any issues that arise
and will be readily available to assist with reconfiguring devices or troubleshooting sync problems. We will also ensure
that you are kept informed throughout the process, providing clear instructions and support to ensure a smooth
transition and quick adaptation to the new system.

Services Explained
Every Microsoft 365 project we undertake begins with the foundational Microsoft 365 Complete Setup & Security
Launchpad. This base service sets the stage for a secure and efficient digital workplace. Following the initial setup, we
enhance your system with tailored additions depending on your specific needs. For clients requiring data transition
support, the Microsoft 365 Seamless Migration Suite ensures a smooth transfer of mailboxes and file data. Should your
organisation need additional email addresses beyond the initial provision, the Microsoft 365 Email Expansion Pack
allows for incremental additions, each meticulously integrated into your system.

Similarly, the Microsoft 365 SharePoint Expansion Pack is available to create extra SharePoint sites, each configured
with custom storage solutions and appropriate permissions. For comprehensive migration needs, the Microsoft 365
Migration Suite for Emails addresses email transfers, while the Microsoft 365 Migration Suite for SharePoint facilitates
file data integration. Together, these services are designed to build upon the secure foundation laid by the Launchpad,
offering a scalable and robust Microsoft 365 environment tailored to your business requirements.

Inclusions – Base Packages
Microsoft 365 Complete Setup & Security Launchpad
Get your business up and running on Microsoft 365 without the hassle. Our Complete Setup & Security Launchpad
package covers everything from tenant registration to initial email setup, ensuring a seamless and secure transition to
Microsoft 365. With expert configuration of security settings and personalized company branding, we set you up for
success from day one.

1. Registration of the Microsoft 365 Tenant: We handle the entire registration process, ensuring your Microsoft 365
tenant is set up correctly with your business details.
2. Billing Account Registration: Set up your billing account to manage subscriptions seamlessly, with options for
different payment methods and plans.
3. License Application: We apply appropriate licenses for the setup of your tenant, giving you a cost-effective way to
start using Microsoft 365 immediately, with the features you need.
4. Setup & Deployment of 3 Email Addresses: Configure and deploy up to three email addresses, ready for use with
complete integration into your new Microsoft 365 environment.
5. Domain Verification and Registration: Upon completion of the setup, we provide a quick tutorial on the various
aspects of Microsoft 365 to ensure your team can navigate and utilize the system effectively from day one.
6. General Security Setup Including MFA, DKIM, and DMARC: Strengthen your cybersecurity framework with MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) and email authentication protocols (DKIM and DMARC) to protect against threats.
7. Company Branding: Personalize your Microsoft 365 environment with your company logo and branding elements,
creating a cohesive and professional appearance across all user interfaces.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Intranet Builder (Bundle)*
Transform the way your team collaborates with our SharePoint Intranet Builder. This service is designed to streamline
your file management and enhance internal communication by creating a customized intranet. Our approach includes a
detailed planning session to refine your file structure, personalized SharePoint design, and dedicated setups for up to
three departments. Each department will have its own document library with tailored permissions. We also provide a
comprehensive tutorial on utilizing SharePoint to ensure your team can make the most of your new intranet.

1. Planning and Structure Improvement: Engage in a detailed discussion about your current file structure, followed
by a strategic planning meeting to optimize and implement an improved structure in Microsoft 365.
2. Custom SharePoint Intranet Design: Develop a tailor-made company intranet on SharePoint that aligns with your
organizational needs and branding, enhancing internal workflows and communication.
3. Departmental Setup: Set up a document library for up to three departments, complete with customised
permissions to manage access and security effectively.
4. Permission Structure: Configure appropriate groups and permission structures to allow or restrict depending on

Note: The Microsoft 365 SharePoint Intranet Builder is discounted if bundled with an initial implementation. For a standalone implementation of
SharePoint the price is $1250 ex GST

Inclusions – Addons

Microsoft 365 Email Expansion Pack
Expand your team’s capabilities with additional Microsoft 365 inboxes. Each additional inbox is fully set up for $180,
covering the costs of creation, licensing application, and deployment. Our service ensures that each new email address is
integrated into your Microsoft 365 tenant and fully set up on both a desktop device and a mobile device for access on the

1. Email Creation: We handle the entire setup process, from creating the email address to integrating it within your
organisation’s Microsoft 365 domain.
2. Licensing: Each additional inbox comes with its necessary Microsoft 365 licenses, ensuring full functionality and
compliance with Microsoft’s licensing terms.
3. Deployment: We ensure that each new inbox is configured and ready to use on one desktop device and one mobile
device, facilitating seamless communication across multiple platforms.
4. Convenience and Efficiency: By managing the technical setup, we save you time and effort, allowing your team to
focus on your business without the hassle of technical configurations.

Microsoft 365 SharePoint Expansion Pack
Expand your Microsoft 365 capabilities with our SharePoint Expansion Pack, designed to extend your digital workspace
seamlessly. This package includes the creation and setup of additional SharePoint sites beyond the initial intranet
construction covered in your base package. Each additional site is crafted to meet your business needs, providing
tailored shared storage solutions and implementing precise permissions for enhanced collaboration and security.

1. Site Creation: We will develop additional SharePoint sites & libraries, each configured to support the unique
aspects of your teams or projects.
2. Customised Storage Solutions: Set up shared storage spaces that are organized and easy to navigate, ensuring
that your documents and resources are managed efficiently.
3. Permissions Setup: Implement appropriate access controls to safeguard sensitive information and ensure that
only authorized personnel can view or edit specific documents.

Inclusions – Migration
Microsoft 365 Seamless Migration Suite – Email & SharePoint
Transition effortlessly to Microsoft 365 with our Seamless Migration Suite for Email. Whether it’s moving individual
mailboxes or transferring shared data from platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive, we provide a meticulous,
department-specific service that ensures your business operations migrate smoothly without disruption. Each mailbox or
data location is professionally configured to meet your unique organizational needs.

1. Mailbox Migration: Migrate individual mailboxes to Microsoft 365, ensuring all data, settings, and permissions are
perfectly replicated in the new environment.
2. Data and Document Library Migration: Transfer data seamlessly from external sources such as Dropbox or
Google Drive. We handle everything from simple files to complex document libraries, ensuring they are properly
integrated into your Microsoft 365 setup.
3. Modifications: Post-migration modifications to inboxes and shared data setups to ensure optimal organization and
accessibility, tailored to department-specific needs.