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The computer dilemma: upgrade or replace?

Your computer is your professional lifeblood – and let’s face it, it’s pretty vital for personal things as well.

Whether it’s a desktop, a laptop or a tablet, your computer should be able to handle everything your working life and your personal life throws at it.

But sometimes you can reach the limits of what your system is capable of. Maybe a certain program doesn’t run fast enough, you’ve got a limited amount of storage capacity left, or the screen and keyboard are just starting to look a bit worn.There are two options: treat the computer like a Hot Rod and upgrade the systems with some supercharged new parts. Or just get a completely new computer with all the bells and whistles you need.

Both choices solve the same problem – they make your computing life better. But which one should you go with?

The advantages of a computer upgrade

Upgrading your existing computer means you swap out some of the legacy parts for newer, faster versions. You can replace just about everything from the memory to the hard drive with the very latest technology.

The advantage you get from an upgrade is a modernised computer that’s still the model you know and like. However, that’s also the disadvantage – your computer essentially remains the same, and even though you’ve replaced some parts, others may still need changing further down to the line to keep up with the times.

The advantages of a computer replacement

If you decide to replace your existing computer with a newer, faster model, all of your problems should be solved in one go.

A new computer brings state of the art technology into your working and private life instantly, without any need to open up the case and replace parts. If your current operating system is modern enough, you can transfer all your files and settings to your new computer, including your programs pictures and other files.

Value for money is key

The main consideration when deciding whether to upgrade or replace your computer should be value for money.

If an upgrade to a few components brings your computer up to scratch, it’s worth pursuing. But if you need to buy a huge array of new parts and to get them installed, perhaps it’s better value to simply buy a new computer that meets the specifications you’re after.

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