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Three things to do to keep your Windows 11 installation secure

Windows 11 is right around the corner, and although it looks like it’ll be perfect for business use, a new operating system always comes with risks of cyber attacks and gaps in security that haven’t yet been tested. Your system can be more vulnerable when a new OS rolls around, so here are just a few ways you can keep your network secure.

Wait before upgrading

In the early months of every operating system, there are some teething problems. Of course, the bug testers and penetration testers on Microsoft’s end have done all they can to try and break every lock and firewall, but they can’t predict every eventually, especially with hackers becoming more and more sophisticated. There is likely to be a short period after release in which Windows 11 is in a relatively vulnerable state, so to be certain that you’re protected from digital harm, it may be a good idea to stay on Windows 10 for 6-12 months after release.

Follow extra security measures

You should already be following some basic cybersecurity measures. For example, making sure that your employees don’t download files from unknown sources and don’t click on suspicious links in emails. For a short period after your upgrade, you should be looking to implement further measures, including not plugging data storage devices into USB ports if possible. You have to see the potential for any device to be a threat since even the smallest memory stick could contain the right files to bring your system down.

Use external IT support

When you’re trying to diagnose an issue with a brand new operating system, you need all hands on deck to try and work out what looks wrong and what is the way it should be. If you have any suspicion that your network is compromised, get in touch with the best IT support Cairns has to offer. Here at Computerman IT, we can diagnose your systems and discover any issues, whether they’re due to malware or are simply bugs. Whilst the transition to Windows 11 will be tumultuous, you can trust our team to be a steady hand you can rely on.