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Three things your business might need in a new IT system

Getting your IT requirements right can be difficult. After all, once you have what you think you need to get going, you might end up booting your PCs up only to find you’ve forgotten something as fundamental as a keyboard. Read on to find out about some of the basics you’ll need, and why these are so fundamental to your business operations.

Uniform PCs

The first thing that you’ll need is a set of computers that are all functionally the same. Whether you’re in a design studio and need to make the most of a powerful graphics card, or your fairly simple office only has to handle Office365 and a browser, you should have the same computer specifications for every worker. Keeping your PCs at the same standard means you will never have employees falling behind due to the standard of the technology available to them, rather than being able to actually judge how well they work.

A selection of software

The software you require on your devices might vary depending on the sector you work in. For example, a publishing company will rely fairly heavily on the Adobe suite of products, allowing you to design covers, marketing materials and even the books themselves with ease. By comparison, a construction company would benefit from CAD software and tools, designed to allow you to create wondrous structures and test the physical toll of the forces the building might be expected to take. Installing Office365 is a standard choice, but after this, you need to work out exactly what software all of your devices might need.


Finally, your computers need to have a high level of security. They hold all of your business data, which could put your company at risk if a single PC were to be compromised. By installing an effective and reliable antivirus, your PCs can be trusted to keep going through even the most devious cyberattacks, with your business facing minimal interruptions.

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