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Five top tips for improving your computer’s security

With cybercrime on the rise, we all need to be more vigilant about computer security. Get started with these five tips.

1. Keep away from dodgy sites

Never visit a site you can’t trust. If you have the slightest suspicion – or if your computer sends you a warning – keep away. Some sites are deliberately set up to spread viruses. Sites containing adult content are among the most dangerous. 

2. Use as many different passwords as possible

This probably sounds like hard work. How are you supposed to remember 20 different passwords? Well, if you can’t remember them, write them down. And make sure they’re tough to crack – passphrases (e.g. nonsensical sentences) are better than words or numbers. Every time you give your password to a site, there’s a chance that an unscrupulous operator is storing it, potentially for hacking your other accounts.

3. Get your computer checked regularly

For peace of mind, ask an expert computer technician to check your computer’s security status regularly. This is one of the services we offer here at  Computerman IT, as one of the leading companies for computer services in Cairns.

4. Beware of public WiFi

Using WiFi in public spaces is cost-effective and convenient. But, if it’s not secure, anyone hanging around nearby can steal your data or passwords. To avoid having to worry, use a virtual private network (VPN), which ensures your connection is protected by a secure server.

5. Get a good firewall & antivirus program

To cut a long story short, a firewall makes sure your that your computer only accepts approved connections and rejects unapproved, possibly malicious connections.  Most routers, computers and devices come with their own firewalls. If you’re not sure of the trustworthiness of yours, ask an expert. Also, make sure your firewalls are updated regularly, so security holes don’t develop.


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