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Top troubleshooting tips for common computer problems

If you are not tech-savvy, it can be a daunting task to troubleshoot issues with your computer. Though it cannot fix every computer issue, applying basic troubleshooting techniques is vital. Besides, it is a trial and error method since many different things can cause computer issues.

General tips you should know

• Fixing certain computer issues is easy but others require you to apply a number of approaches before resolving them.
• Once you begin the process, put everything you do in writing. That way, you won’t repeat things you have already done if you are trying another technique.
• Simply restarting your computer to see if the issue can correct itself is the first step to follow.
• Also always check all cables to be sure that they are properly connected.
• Jotting down every error message you receive helps if more research is necessary.

Figuring out the problem

To figure out your computer problem and solution, apply the elimination process. It is a trial and error method which involves listing down possible causes of your computer issue and testing each of them. That makes finding a solution easier.

Common computer issues and troubleshooting techniques to apply

• Applications running slow – If an application you are running becomes slow, simply close and reopen it. Also, checking if the application has available updates is important.
• Application is freezing – If this happens and you cannot close the window on a PC, hold down the control, alt and delete keys and then open the task manager. For Mac, hold the command, option, and escape keys, then click on end task.
• Slow performance – Find out if there are malware or viruses using an antivirus. Delete unnecessary programmes or files if your computer is running short of disk space.
• Computer not starting –Check if the power cord is plugged in firmly. Also check the outlet and make sure your computer is turned on if it is plugged into a surge protector.

If you have the patience to follow these troubleshooting tips, you can solve many common computer issues. But, for solutions to complex computer issues, you need extra help from professionals else the issues can cripple your computers and business. Contact Computerman IT today for expert Business IT Solutions Cairns.