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Why it’s vital that you backup your data

We all know that we should back up all the documents, photos, videos and other important files we have stored on our computers. But often it’s something we just never seem to get round to doing. Regular data backups are essential, though. If you don’t back up your data properly, you’re putting it at risk of the following threats.


Computers are expensive pieces of kit, so they’re a target for thieves. If your desktop or laptop is stolen and you haven’t backed up the files on it, you probably won’t be able to get them back.
Your data is also at risk of online theft by cyber-criminals. To prevent sensitive documents from being stolen by hackers, you should ensure you have comprehensive security software in place and keep your files safely stored in the cloud – if possible, utilise two-factor authentication.


Computer viruses are a constant threat in today’s online world. If a nasty Trojan or worm got into your computer, your files could be corrupted or deleted. This could happen at any time, so it’s essential to back your files up regularly.

Computer crashes

PCs aren’t perfect. They can crash or break unexpectedly – usually due to some kind of hardware fault. If this happens, you may find that your hard drive has failed, losing months or years of work.

Physical damage

Natural disasters, such as floods or fire, and simple accidents, such as tripping over a laptop cable, could cause irreparable damage to your computer. In these cases, it’s highly likely that data won’t be recoverable, even by data recovery professionals.
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