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VPN- a vital cybersecurity component

A virtual private network (VPN) protects your online privacy and security. Establishing a VPN has always been an important security option for small businesses. This is truer now than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a spike in the demand for enterprises with digital capabilities, if only because more employees are working remotely. This poses a cybersecurity challenge. Hackers can snoop at the data transmitted by remote workers unless special precautions are taken.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN provides a secure way in which remote employees can access your private company network. It creates a ‘tunnel’ through which employees can transmit data on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones after being authenticated and encrypted. The VPN lets remote devices operate as though they are on your private company network. VPN routers support multiple ‘tunnels’ at the same time, ensuring all workers have access to the company network. VPN connections run off the internet, so having a reliable internet service provider is important.

Basic VPN configuration

At its most basic, a VPN consists of a VPN client, VPN server(s), and VPN router(s).

Image – Virtual Private Network


The client is specialised software that can easily be downloaded. It connects your employees to dedicated servers around the world. Your employees connect to your network securely through those servers; whichever one provides the fastest connection. The router encrypts their data traffic.

Installation best left to professionals

The design and implementation of a VPN can be complicated. For one thing, you need to decide whether your business needs to build a customised VPN or can buy an off-the-shelf solution.

You also need to make sure the VPN client you select can supply the connection speed your business requires. Ideally, your employees should not notice any speed degradation after the installation of a VPN.

Another important issue is scalability. Adding new network infrastructure or creating a new network configuration can cause VPN technical difficulties due to incompatibility issues.


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