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What is business class email and how can it benefit your company?

A business class email system is one that projects professionalism in your communications with clients and service providers. It means that instead of your clients and business partners being contacted from your personal email account (for example, an account held with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or others), they are being contacted by you or your employees with an email attached to your domain name (for example, [email protected]). A business class email system can be quickly and easily set up by one of the computer services Cairns relies on, with an email address for yourself and for as many of your employees as you wish.

The benefits of business class email… Marketing

With every email your company sends, your business name is in the address line and is therefore being promoted. Your company name is immediately being put in front of customers, prospects, and external business partners. Furthermore, you can build your brand awareness with a company logo and slogan within the body of the email.


When you send an email from your company website, as opposed to your personal email, you are also sending a message to your client that they are dealing with a professional operation. This instills confidence and adds to your company’s credibility.

Keeping work and home life separate

You have your personal account for interacting with family and friends. A business-class email connected to your company domain name means that you can keep the two separate, which helps you maintain your professional stance on one email system, and frees you up to relax and socialise on the other.


Email addresses are constantly being bombarded by malicious phishing schemes. When your client receives an email from your company domain name, they are less likely to be sent to the Spam folder, and they can have the confidence in knowing it is from a reliable source. Paid business email systems also offer stronger anti-spam and security software.

Business class email set up with Microsoft 365 also benefits your employees with calendars and contact lists, and a reliable network that avoids downtime from server failures.

For further information on business class email, and for business IT solutions Cairns businesses can rely on, get in touch with Computerman IT. Our computer network setup Cairns-based can give you peace of mind.