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What if my MacBook says to service my battery?

One of the most annoying notifications that can pop up whilst you’re using your Macbook is a small box telling you to service your battery. It may send you into panic mode, thinking that your laptop is about to break and leave you without access to your hard drive that contains important work documents. But we’re here to tell you not to fear. Our IT technicians are well aware of what to do when this notification pops up, and we’ve compiled this blog post to share some of our tips.

What does servicing your battery mean?

On a Macbook, the battery is constantly monitored. If you hover your mouse over the battery icon in the corner, it’ll tell you what percentage you’re on and give you a breakdown of the apps that are draining your power. So, when the notification pops up telling you to service your battery, you should take note. It means that there is an issue with your battery and that it should be replaced ASAP.

What should I do when told to service my battery?

The first thing that we recommend that you do when this notification pops up is to do a ‘Service Report’ to check what condition your battery is really in. To do this:

Hold down the ‘Option’ key and click the Apple icon in the corner.

Now click ‘System Information.’

Click ‘Power’ on the list of options that comes up on the left-hand side and review the health of your battery.

Under ‘Health Information,’ there’s a label called ‘Cycle Count’. For there to be a problem with your MacBook’s battery, the figure opposite this should be into the 1000s at least. However, if your Macbook was made before 2010, the figure can reach around 500 cycles before there is an issue with the battery.

If you need to replace the battery, don’t hesitate to bring your Macbook to one of our experts at Computer Man IT. See here for a full list of our services, including IT support Cairns businesses can rely on.