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Why is my computer slowing down?

This is a question our team often hear, whether with clients or simply talking to friends or family. There is a wide range of reasons why, over time, your computer can seem a little less lively than in the first flush of youth (sadly, this also applies to humans). Here are just four of the most common…

Overly-enthusiastic start-up

If you download new programmes, they often try to persuade you to add them to your start-up. Over time, you also add others yourself – some of which are probably then used only rarely if ever. Obviously, firewall or anti-virus software is a given; but it pays to look through what else is loading while you impatiently wait!

Heavily-loaded hard drive

If your hard drive is over 90% full then this can start to slow down your computer quite severely. Emptying temporary, no longer required downloads, and trash files, is a useful start. Then look at areas such as back-ups and consider whether they are still necessary.

Too many programmes are running

Depending on the size of your RAM, you can simply be asking too much of your computer. Often, people use a programme then simply don’t close it when it’s no longer needed. During the day, they keep adding other ones to their computer’s workload.

It’s to do with the atmosphere

And we don’t mean how friendly your workplace is! Accumulated dust around the back of your CPU can prevent necessary ventilation and leave your computer to overheat.

Your processor is running short on memory

We mentioned earlier that your RAM might be struggling to cope. Depending on the size of files you are dealing with, examples of extremely large files would be those for video or photo editing, it might be wise to add extra RAM capability to the current level.

The above are just four of the more common problems that can lead to a loss of speed as you use either a single computer or across a larger computer system.

If you have a need for speed, and reckon it’s time to consider computer upgrades, Cairns businesses know that it pays to contact our friendly and professional team here at Computerman IT. Call us now for an obligation-free discussion of your situation…