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Why you don’t need to buy a new computer

In this modern epoch of consumption, it has become common practice to simply replace one’s computer or MacBook after a few years of use with a new model. But this cycle of consumption and disposal is both environmentally damaging, unnecessary and costly. But what is the alternative?

You could save money with a computer upgrade

Instead of buying new computers, it is much cheaper and environmentally friendly to simply upgrade old hardware. Often, users will replace an entire computer after experiencing some performance issues when there may only be a problem with some not all of the computer’s hardware. Here at Computerman, we offer computer hardware upgrades to any components of your computer or MacBook.

Computer upgrades in Cairns

Our computer upgrades team involves a host of expert computer technicians who will assess your computer or MacBook to determine which hardware needs upgrading. If you are unsure whether to replace your computer or MacBook or to simply upgrade your hardware then you can bring in your computer to our computer technicians in Cairns who will make an expert assessment. Upon assessing the computer or MacBook, we offer affordable and high-quality upgrades on all computer hardware.

By upgrading specific hardware instead of replacing the whole computer, you can get more out of your computer. Computers designed by Dell, Apple, Lenovo, HP and more are typically quite reliable and can last users much longer than just a few years if the right hardware upgrades are made.

We can help

Common computer hardware upgrades that we offer include memory, CPU and storage. To improve memory, our computer technicians can upgrade your computer’s RAM. This allows you to smoothly run your computer with several programs running at once. The CPU is the brain of your computer and a CPU upgrade can dramatically increase the speed at which programs load. Finally, one of the most common upgrades we offer is storage. If you are finding that you have don’t have enough storage room on your computer, our technicians can upgrade your storage.

Whether it’s slow loading speeds, visual lag, viruses or processing difficulties, our team of expert computer technicians can find the right solution for you. Contact us today for a speedy quote.