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Going remote? Here’s how to make sure your employees are safe


ALT: Woman working remotely in web conference

For many businesses, going remote has been a requirement rather than an option over the past year. But while some offices are considering re-opening, others have found that remote life suits them far better. If you’re planning on going remote permanently. While meetings in the workplace and awareness around security may be an easy task in-personal, maintaining that same standard remotely can be an issue all of its own.

If you’re moving towards a remote workplace, here are just a few of the ways you can enhance the safety and security of your employees from day one:

Invest in cloud-based services

One of the best ways to keep employees safe and save on costs is to utilise a cloud-based system for servers and software. Not only does that mean they need to access their work via a secure gateway, but it also means that it’s far harder for anyone else to access your data in the process. With a secure server, instant access is possible without sacrificing the standards of security you’d expect in an office.

Use consistent reminders and awareness

Whether you use slack, teams, or any other messaging system, including prompts for safety and awareness, can help support a secure workplace. Whether it’s regular automated messages or hosting zoom meetings a couple of times a year to emphasise security, being remote doesn’t mean that you can’t stay connected on important notifications. With IT support, you could even include a message about safety on startup each morning.

Provide prompt repairs and replacements

Whether it’s at home or in the office, hardware is prone to breakage. But with the pandemic and other delays, the long time it takes for repairs can lead to staff using their personal tech in the meantime. While this may seem like a good way out of a sticky situation, it could pose a risk to your business. One of the best things you can do for remote employees is ensure they have repairs quickly – meaning they are continually using tech approved by you.

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