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How your printer infrastructure can streamline your business

If you’re always printing documents at work, you might want to think about upgrading your printer network to improve performance and productivity in the office. Printing is a key part of many office operations, and yet one that is easy to overlook when upgrading IT infrastructure in the workplace.

Why your printer setup is so important

In a busy office environment, where multiple people might be printing at once, ensuring you have enough printers to accommodate the printing needs of your office is vital. It’s also important to make sure that multiple users can easily access printers, as well as knowing which printer their documents will be printed from and which printer is the right one for the job.

Today, a huge range of printer types are used in offices, from basic inkjet printers to laser printers and even 3D printers. It’s important to choose the right kind of printers for your business, as well as ensuring that all of your staff can access printers when they need them. A good printing infrastructure is key to minimising printing delays and ensuring that staff can be productive throughout the day, without being bogged down by printer wait times and technical issues.

Printer network vs printer sharing

Two common solutions to printing include printer sharing and printer networks. Printer sharing is a simple way to set up your office’s computers so that they can be used by multiple devices. It’s efficient and effective for small business, while network printers are often the better choice for larger operations. Network printers can be used even remotely, and can only be used once users have logged into the network. Network printing is versatile but also very secure, making it a great option for larger businesses looking for a more sophisticated printing setup.

How we can help

At Computer Man, we offer a wide range of computer services in Cairns, including printer and scanner installation and supply for businesses who want only the best. You can find out more about our printer services or get in touch with us to discuss your business’s needs in more detail.